Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

Why is it that anything we ever do with Mother leaves me feeling totally drained and exhausted?

Mother was transported by ABI Brother to Tradie Brother's abode, a granny flat in someone's back yard. It is certainly superior to the tent he was living in in the bush after he and Sis in Law separated, but still, quite modest. Tradie brother lived in the granny flat with his g/f for a bit, but reading between the lines, she was lazy and too fond of sitting in front of the tv, day or night. She was very pleasant to us and very good to Mother and he still sees her, but doesn't live with her anymore.

It was the first time we had been to Tradie Brother's granny flat. I kept my tongue still, except for a slightly unkind comment about faux timber wall board from the seventies.

Mother, ABI Brother and Teen Chainsaw Niece were already there. Some time later Dreaded Nephew arrived and in three separate vehicles, we journeyed to The Briars at Mount Martha. We ate sandwiches, crisps, chocolate and fizzy drinks in the weak sunshine. Mother regaled us with tales from her youth and it was all very pleasant.

The Briars looks wonderful. Unfortunately Mother had slowed us to the point where the day was getting late. I did take a quick walk on my own. There is so much to see.

We left, with Tradie Brother going to see his ex g/f and us going to Sis in Laws. As well as being Mother's Day, it was her birthday. My fault, but we did end up taking a detour through the shopping streets of Frankston and the Lloyd Park football ground.

There was the usual mayhem at Sis in Law's, with two of her sisters and a niece being there to see their mother who lives in an attached granny flat, and of course kids in abundance. One was born the same month as Little Jo. I said hello to her and asked her how she was. I received a blank stare back. I guess she is not a super indulged and over educated child such as Little Jo.

Dreaded Nephew is so family oriented at the moment. Remember he came with us to the Botanic Gardens and came with us today. He bought a lemon meringue cheese cake and stuck some candles on it and brought it in to sing happy birthday to his mum. Perhaps he thinks by doing family things he won't have to repay the gay uncles the $2,700 it cost to get him back from England. He did ask for my bank account numbers a while ago to deposit some money, but no dollars have appeared yet. We will make sure it is deducted from his inheritance, but if we time everything right, there will only be a mortgage to repay.

Hehe, Eldest Niece recently went to Bali. After she returned, a couple of speeding fines arrived in the post. It took her a while before she realised that they were incurred while she was in Bali. Dreaded Nephew used her car and infringed twice on the same day. I am surprised as he is a good and very relaxed driver. Just a mistake I suppose. We all make them.

Eldest Niece appeared briefly. She lives in a bungalow as Sis in Law's place with her b/f. We have never clicked well with her. Her b/f's boss had sent them to the Whitsundays for the weekend for his work effort. Huh, I didn't even get a calendar from my employer this year.

Mother and us went down to the attached granny flat to say hi to Sis in Law's mother. She is losing it and the place stank of piss. She was staring at the tv that was broadcasting Michael Buble music from a dvd one daughter had recorded for her.

Sister has summonsed Tradie Brother to attend a property on the Bellarine Peninsula with a view that Sister and the Bone Doctor will buy and they need his professional opinion. He will go straight from work in Mount Waverley next week, pick up Teen Chainsaw Niece at Huntingdale Station, drive to Sister's and then use the Queenscliff to Sorrento ferry to return home.

Tradie Brother leaves his screen door open and turns on this exhaust fan over his front door. He says it stops mosquitos and flies.

Tradie Brother reckons he has the tallest rose in the area. He has to get onto his roof to train it.

I have learnt to never ask Tradie Brother what something is for. I stayed silent. Turns out this was a couple of pair of fluffy socks for Mother for Mother's Day.

This was my grandfather's wheel barrow bought in the late 1950s. Tradie Brother gave it a rust treatment and repainted it. Works fine.

At The Briars a couple of birds of a species unknown to me and a magpie drank and bathed. The birds chattered at the maggie, and the maggie was wary, but still drank.
Balcombe Creek. I idly wondered if there is a connection to Balcombe Road in Melbourne's south east.

Bird viewing platforms.

Pretty water plants.


  1. They vaguely look like Noisy Miners, Australia's native miner bird.

  2. Yep, Fen is right, Noisy Miners.
    Yes, Balcombe Road & Balcombe Creek were named after the Alexander Beatson Balcombe.

  3. Well done to you both. I just checked and yes, Noisy Miners. Jayne that is very interesting. I had no idea Balcombe established The Briars. Thanks.

  4. I love the sound those birds make (thought they were butcher birds up until now though).
    Amazed to learn of lovely bosses who give trips for effort.
    MYERS and other stores used the air downdraft idea to keep flies out, so Bro not silly at all.
    Balcombe Grammar is near The briars, and there used to be Balcombe Army Camp, so Balcombe was a big deal.
    Thanks for interesting (as always) post.

  5. I often wondered what those air blast things were for Emstacks. Now I know. Yes, Balcombe certainly was a vip.

  6. Wow what an entry and what a famibly you have...I am all tuckered out reading about it the socks hung up by tinsel!!! Que?

  7. Que indeed MC. No one kind of looked properly at them, just assuming Tradie brother's amusements. He had to take them down and present them to Mother.

  8. Great idea! But I would be interested to know what made you select The Briars at Mount Martha for a mother's day outing? I will do it myself... soon.

  9. Hels, I can't remember. I expect it was because my niece was working there.