Thursday, May 27, 2010

Loser Number Plate #34

Seen on a Hummer, the rego plate HUMAAR. Very sad.


  1. Anonymous4:13 am

    LOL, I had to go to Vic Roads yesterday and the funny number plates they have up on the wall there as "samples only" are, to me, a waste of dollars if you were to in fact get them.
    MY V8, intelligent...not!

  2. That's ridiculous - why pick something that won't fit unless spelt incorrectly?

    Vanity plates have always been a bit dicky. We even have these faux-Euro plates in Tassie which are possibly just as bad as regular vanity plates.

    I've recently seen a Bently around town with the plate "BCAUSE" which I refuse to read as "because" and insist to myself says "Be Sauce".

  3. Oh no - here comes the vanity plate-bashing. I really wish you hadn't done that Andrew. My family has a proud history of personalised and custom plates with six sets so far and rising.

    On that note if anyone has an SS Commodore or Chevrolet SS of any description, do I ever have a plate for you, currently for sale, unless I buy an SS in the coming weeks and use it myself.

    In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for a suspiciously Soviet looking numberplate tearing around the inner suburbs attached to my very Aussie bogan-mobile. If you're quick enough you'll work it out!

  4. My opinion too Cazzie, but each to their own.

    Me, we have the Euro plates too. I think they are more attractive and would happily see them as standard, but that would take away a nice earner for the roads authorities. I too deliberately 'don't get' number plates such as you mention.

    Mutant, I just hope they are all good plates and not a bit off the word. I think I may have spied your car somewhere once, if I get what you mean correctly. Perhaps it was outside an agency or some where similar.

  5. Andrew, my plates are five letters, one number and spell out an old URL of mine as well as cramming my first name, surname and initials onto one plate. I may have taken some liberties with spelling but you can forgive me, right? There's a fairly good chance you'll have seen them about the place seeing as you've dedicated yourself to stalking me! Certainly my own vanity isn't quite as bad as HUMAAR, HUMMRR and HUMMAH, which you'll find floating around.

  6. Anonymous9:54 pm

    Blatantly conspicuous consumption - come the revolution, Comrades, and things will be different..

  7. oh if only I could remember all the horrible ones i've seen here at work. Sometimes I have to cram my fist into my mouth to stop me snorting at the owner of the vehicle who lovingly tells me his or her numberplate! LOL!

  8. I'm innocent M'lord. It was just a co-incidence. Ok, I can work the plate out, just not the order.

    Too right Michael. Off with their heads.

    Gosh Fen, I didn't even think of you. Your stock in trade. You must hear them all.

  9. I'm not a fan of vanity plates at all. I see teenage girls driving around with hot pink numberplates that say things like hotstf or sxcgrl and think, oh dear, you're going to regret that one day. At least, I hope you do.

  10. At least they can come off MD. Unlike tatts, well not easily anyway.