Saturday, May 01, 2010

Little Jo'isms

When did you see Nanny Little Jo? 'Last day', meaning any time in her memory. When are you going see Nanny? 'Next day', any time in the future.

Broccoli is referred to as trees, and she readily eats trees.

Potato is on her non eating list, unless it Shepherds Pie, known as Cheesy Pie, not Potato Pie.

Watered down juice must be in a bottle, not a cup. I was victorious and she drank from the cup, but the war was horrendous. Not worth the effort.

She can read the electronic floor number displayed in the lift. It was rote, but now it is not.

Her colouring in skills are rubbish. I am a bit surprised. Drawing ability, not bad.

She makes a nice bowl of jelly with building blocks.

Nanna gave her a bowl and a masher and she brewed up a wonderful batch of lilli pilli berry soup, the berries having been gathered from under the tree. Yuk.

While playing imaginary skittles, I said her bowling wasn't bad. She retorted, copied straight from her mother I expect, 'What do you mean not bad? It was brilliant'.

I have noticed her listening very intently to adult conversations. We have to now watch we say in front of her. She has already dobbed Nanna in to her mother for something.


  1. LOL
    Sounds like she'll keep you all on your toes for years to come ;)
    Try those umbrellas and bendy straws to lure her into using a cup, the wars are so not worth it.

  2. "Her colouring in skills are rubbish."

    This does not necessarily preclude her from a career in the Australian art world, though...

  3. Hahha, I love these Snippets-of-Jo ! The things toddles say and do are amazing and sometimes very grounding indeed.
    Thinking about it, I remember when my Aunt was going to the Doctors to have an early check-up on her 6th pregnancy. She left my little cousin Teagan with my Nanna while she attended that appointment. My Nanna did not know my Aunt was having her 6th child yet. Whilst going for a walk with my little cousin, my Nanna said to Teagan not to worry about my Aunt going to the Doctors. Teagan's reply.."Oh, it is okay Nanna Dotty, Mum is only having another baby". And so the cat was let out of the bag..haha. What a shock!

  4. Anonymous5:18 pm

    What a cutie!

  5. pretty sure I failed colouring in in Kinder!
    Love it when kids start repeating things adults have said, or changing them to suit their own purposes. Such fun.

  6. Tried the bendy straws Jayne. She is not keen, but umbrellas might be an idea.

    You havin' a go at our artists Brian? Feel free.

    I laughed Cazzie. I overheard my mother and father talking and the next day for school news to all that Mother was pregnant.

    Beguiling is a good word Scott.

    Indeed Fen. We are taking care now.