Monday, May 10, 2010


Highriser has sabotaged the best efforts of Australia's electrical safety regulators. This is only to accommodate R's laptop charger when we are in Japan. It is not a wise idea to use an high current device that has an earth prong in an unearthed socket.

R was telling me that when he was a kid growing up in England, there were so many different types of plugs and sockets, that appliances did not have plugs on them when they were new. You chose a plug to suit your house and the plug was fitted at the shop. His mother used to plug the clothes iron into the light socket.


  1. Anonymous8:50 am

    Who's a clever boy then?

    Just make sure R is the first to use the laptop in Japan - in case of some mishap. Oh and make sure he is insured.....:)

  2. Don't panic Captain Mainwaring.

    Anon, the net taught me. Isn't it good. Might not use the laptop while it is plugged in, initially.

  3. Hi Andrew

    I well remember having to attach plugs to electrical appliances. You might be interested in this post I wrote about it.

    Have a great time in Tokyo. You will love the buses.



  4. Very interesting Pants. I thought the plug nonsense would have stopped well before then.