Friday, May 07, 2010

Hydraulic Water

If you are follower of Jayne's Our Great Southern Land, you will have noticed she has been popping into her posts, pictures of plumbing access cover found on public footpaths. (Today she has some great shots of beautiful birds. There's a a lot of extra hits for Jayne today, but the searcher may be disappointed) These plates are quite interesting as they mostly have the name of the plumber on them and the area or town where he was based. I can't ever recall noticing one although MMBW, Melbourne and Metropolitan Board of Works plates are common. I think new plates have Melbourne Water on them. I more often to be seen looking up at buildings rather than studying the ground.

I came across these a while ago in the administration foyer of Melbourne Town Hall. I went in today to take a photo of them. I was waiting for someone to pounce on me for taking a photo, but no one did. I should have asked, but if they said no, I would miss the photo. If I just took the photo, they surely would only warn me off and not make me delete the photo.

Boxes in the way prevented me capturing the second plate properly. The clear plate photo says Hydraulic (Service) Power Co. The less clear one says Hydraulic (Service) Power Dpt. I would guess they less clear plate is newer, used after Melbourne City Council took over the Hydraulic Power company (detail not verified).

I wrote about the hydraulic high pressure water system last year. The sign with the two plates contradicts my source by stating there was 11 kilometres of pipes, rather than the seven I suggested.

Do you find old pipes interesting? Let Julie tell you about some even older pipes in Sydeny.


  1. This is how it starts...two people with a common interest...and the next thing you know, you'll have a 100 strong membership of the Melbourne Drain Covers Appreciation Society, a squabbling committee and an annual newsletter that'll eventually turn up on Have I Got News For You.

  2. Ohh, er, I say, they are splendid covers, Andrew! I shall drag FB in to take a good long look at 'em with a camera one day ;)

  3. You tell the truth Brian.

    Don't wait too long Jayne. They seemed to moving towards a door that says 'staff only'.

  4. Lol, Jayne has got me interested in looking for them too. And now all I can say is, they are lovely examples Andrew. Could you send me the newsletter, pls?

  5. Your on the list LiD.

  6. Well after installing hundreds of these things over the years with work I have to put up my hand.

    If you ever have the opportunity have a look at some of the old plans Melbourne Water has reproduced on the wall of their foyer in Wellington Parade.

  7. I'll make a point of Dam Buster. Sounds interesting.