Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Five Degrees of Blog Separation

I shan't use names, because I can't recall who, but don't bloggers you know turn up in the strangest places? Mostly I work out the connection but sometimes one smacks you out of the blue. You might be looking at a new blog and there you see a comment by someone who's blog you regularly read. The regular blog world seems so intertwined at times.

During the week I had the pleasure of meeting three long term blog mates for lunch. The three bloggers know each other quite well, so I was the odd one out, and yes, I was nervous. Oddly, my usually shaky hands were quite still though. We had a nice lunch special with a glass of wine at a spacious cafe at So Cross Station and of course they were perfectly nice people. Nice can be boring. They were interesting too, but I knew that already.

I had to go South Yarra afterwards and so caught the train with two of them who were going home in the same direction.

So, if you get a chance to meet Copperwitch, Lord Sedgwick or the trivia queen of Melbourne music, do so. They don't bite, well not too hard.

Seems Melbourne has a bit of a problem with public place roofs at the moment. So Cross temporary repairs are failing too.


  1. Anonymous10:45 pm

    I could not believe the damage I sighted when we got to So Cross Station on Saturday..on our way to the Museum. Hubby had told me of this but until you see it for yourself you just can't visualise it. That storm sure did make a mess!

  2. Looked a right mess Cazzie. Seems no rush to repair it either.

  3. Andrew, we do tend to take up where we left off the last time we met. It would have been so nice out on the patio part except for the noise like a WW1 mortar barrage. Roof building by Dodgy Brothers.

  4. Of course Jahteh, noise always goes up. Don't I know that.

  5. Dear Hawt CameraFace, you are much slimmer than you appear in that gravatar photo, and so absolutely not 'the odd one out' FFS.
    I wondered if the prominent unions personage who patronised the same establishment, later took a more professional approach to the noisy flapping roof, than simply running for a quieter spot. I am sure he would have had a role in the design and construction of the billion dollar ballsup.
    Is any part of Victorian Public Transport actually running smoothly I wonder.
    I saw in a bric-a-brac shop, a Tram Conductor's brown leather ticket bag - $250 - which is more than any Connie was ever paid for a week of hard work..

  6. I've had the same experiences with bloggers out of the blue.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  7. Taught and trim Emstacks, that is me...not. I think the union personage was there to do business with the bookie propped at the bar. They were both on their phones at the same time, probably making bets.

    $250 is a lot, but given how well they looked to be made, I think it is cheap if you tried to replicate the quality and toughness.

    J Bar, perhaps blog world is smaller than we think. We hear that there are millions of blogs, but how many stick at it.

  8. You met Copperwitch - wonderful!!!!

  9. Psst MC. She is a bit of a hard case but don't let that put you off. I know she is not reading here now. Oh, hi Jahteh.