Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Electric

I am so excited to be able to use the word diaphanous. Do any of my readers swan around in diaphanous gowns? I am asking you ladies as well. The lady in the diaphanous clothing is switching on a light switch, which I expect allows electricity to flow to a light bulb.

Before our power supply was privatised, the marvellous government owned State Electricity Commission supplied our power. While it was a bloated and overstaffed institution, the power always flowed through well maintained wires, barring a disaster and even then, repairs were quick, in the suburbs, city or bush.

But there were a few suburbs that bought power from the SEC, and resold it to their residents. I am only guessing, but maybe they originally they produced their own power. I recall that the City of Box Hill and City of Coburg, or was it Brunswick, had their own power companies. The largest surely was City of Melbourne.

Again supposition, but was Melbourne Elec tric Supply Co. Lt. a private company? Never mind, you can get real admiration from me if you can tell me why there is the gap on the post card in Elect ric. A simple typesetting problem? Are you sure?


  1. Diaphanous is a fabulous is almost onomatopoeia. I have a photo of the Husband in a diaphanous garment.

  2. I'm sure that I have never worn one but I have eaten there.

    (Diaphanous is the name of a Greek restaurant isn't it?)


  3. I would rather like to wear diaphanous garments more often but I fear they'll get caught in tram doors.

    This post has just reminded me of those horrid old SEC buildings that once stood were Fed Square now is.

  4. I had to look that word up Stephen. I think you are right. Your husband has got the figure to wear anything.

    'Course it is Victor. Hot waiters too.

    Nicely linked MD. :) The SEC building electric appliance showroom was great, even if the building was not.

  5. or a subliminal message to elect ric.

    I don't know, I'm too busy figuring out which diaphanous ensemble to erect next.

    And the globe in my walk-in has blown.

  6. mr grumpy does a wonderful trick with a bath towel. Not really diaphanous though....

  7. You are right Ozfemme, a bath towel is not diaphanous. Fix the light. You in diaphanous needs back lighting to full show you 'charms'.

  8. The City Of Heidelberg was (if I recall correctly) another one to re-sell electricity to its residents.

  9. I don't remember that one TVAU. It was a nice earner for councils.

  10. Through family connections I happen to know that the Northcote Council had their own electrical supply as well.

  11. Ben, now I am remembering. There were a lot of them. I never paid attention because I never lived in an area of council electric supply. Someone should write a history of them. Oh, I did mention it and your comment has been added to history.

  12. My favourite word is
    \SHOD-n-froy-duh\ , noun;
    A malicious satisfaction obtained from the misfortunes of others."

    tee hee

  13. Mine too MC. A Mercedes hitting a BMW. Lovely.

  14. Anonymous3:07 am

    Just happened onto your blog - was looking for more on the Malvern Tram Depot's 100th birthday celeb. and somehow landed here.
    Can I make a diaphanous comment or three here ? ( means "extreme delicacy of form" - yeah I looked it up !).

    I began to read this particular item, and then went to the next and next, and so on. Have thoroughly enjoyed reading your excellent form of writing - such fun, full of good wit & humour, great information throughout, and will be back to read some more. Love reading (and writing) anything that makes me/others visualise.

    Live in Upwey - have myself a partner of 28 years. I'm a she, he's a he. Darby & Joan got nothing on us. Anyway, there's nothing here I've said that is of "extreme delicacy of form" ! ... just keep up the good work Andrew - it's great to share. I'll be back.
    Hugs. A.

  15. Thanks A. Most kind. I did not actually know what diaphanous meant, apart from the context in which I used it. Darby and Joan reference indicates that you must be of a 'certain' age. :)