Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day Off

I haven't left the apartment today. It is grey, wet and miserable outside. Sadly the volume of rain is not great. The heating is keeping me warm and I have ripped through a lot of recorded tv and started a few blog posts. We are going to see a movie at Gold Class later. I don't think I have seen a movie for twelve months or more.

I'd reckon it will be pretty nasty in the Dandenongs, seen on the horizon.

Oh look, I accidentally took an artistic photo.

Soup should be ready in a day or so. Like fine wine, it needs to mature. Simmering soup is perfect match to a grey day.


  1. Great pictures Andrew. Today my friend and I did not go for our bike ride, way too cold for us! The rain never bothers us, but the icy cold air does.
    We had Pumpkin soup, home made. My friend put some of my chillis in it from our garden...fooooeeeeyyyyy, if I had sinus problems I am sure they would be cleared with one mouthful of that soup :)

  2. you are having the same weather as us in New Zealand.

    To keep warm, I am having a big pot of curry chicken.

  3. Anonymous8:09 pm

    I envy your day indoors! I watched the rain lash Southbank today and was rather proud of myself for bringing my own lunch so I didn't have to leave the building.

    What sort of soup did you make?

  4. Anonymous10:11 pm

    Yep, a bugger of a day - I was especially annoyed as I wanted to pour some concrete today.

  5. I love pumpkin soup Cazzie. R adds something to his brew to give it some heat.

    MD, pea and ham. It takes three days to make, but is sublime.

    That is seriously butch Michael.

  6. Hiya Ann. Curry chicken is good. It is good that you are home to make it.

  7. Anonymous9:23 am

    I see you have sent your miserable weather up here to Sydney, Andrew.

    I wouldn't want to be around you two in a few days after devouring the Pea & Ham soup - I can smell the after effects now......:)

    But P&H is my favourite soup - will have to make a batch after settling into the new digs in a few weeks.

    Thought you would have done a blog by now on our ex Transport Minister being caught coming out of Ken's Sauna (him being a married man with two kids and all that - oh the shame of it all).

  8. This post captures the atmosphere of yesterday beautifully, Andrew. Great photos - beautiful Autumn colours coming through. Finally, the trees know it is Autumn.

    I had some homemade celery soup recently with a dash of sour cream for garnish. I had no idea celery could taste so good, as normally it tastes like old green boots to me.

  9. Yes Anon, it is much improved here today. You are welcome to it. Pea and ham doesn't really affect me, unlike the dips we had at the movies last night. Everyone else has had a good go at Campbell. Not much to add and I don't think it is in the public interest.

    LiD, I have had celery soup from a can. I expect the real thing is much nicer. The tree in the photo is a bird roosting tree but they have recently departed and no doubt will return once it has leaves again. They make a terrible racket. Indian Mynahs? I think.

  10. Andrew, that soup looks like something Hannibal Lector would love. Have it with a nice Chianti.

  11. God... my Alison has been talking about the weather down there -here is me in short sleeves and sandals/jeans and she is a shiverin'...I was bemoaning the fact i had to hang stuff on the verandah line because of a little rain and she hooted me down...their flat has no dryer, and only a little space to dry outside in...and she is none too keen on using laundromats...but its the shivery cold of the new place they are in thats getting to her.... its a building formn the 1920s - lovely to look at but super cold inside...that soup looks pretty darn good...might have to actually cook something tonight

  12. I had it with water at work Jahteh. It was not one of my better ones I'm afraid. R praised though, lest I never cook it again.

    Cook MC? Pour yourself a drink and think about it first. Alison's place is probably double brick. Nice and cool in the summer but not so good in the winter. I don't like this annoying wet, without much quantity, but I don't mind the cold.

  13. ooh i made soup too. Just sayin'

  14. It's the weather Fen. We think of soup in weather like this.