Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dave and Nick

Oh that Pants is naughty. From the safety of Larrikin's End here in Victoria she disrespectfully refers to the new British Prime Minister as the Decameron (I read the book a long time ago) and the Deputy Prime Minister as Foghorn Clegghorn. I bet Pants would have been a little more circumspect had she not been run out of departed Hackney.

Given their relative youth, I am surprised that I don't find either of them attractive. Should I have the chance, it would be only a oncer with either of them, just out of curiosity you could say. Who knows, I might be surprised by their talents.

Must say though, they are new and fresh looking, unlike Cameron's predecessor, the Scottish Stodge. Even their voices sound bright, modern, airy and energetic. Of course energetic politicians can be dangerous beasts for their constituents . With apologies to Sir Humphrey; Minister, you want to do something? Why?

I like my politicians to make me angry. The Scottish Stodge never did. Blair never did. Major just made me laugh, at him. No, not since dear, now gaga, Maggie has an English PM made me angry. Thatcher taught me how to hate, her.

Slightly perverting the Chinese curse, we live in interesting times.


  1. Wake me up when they do something :P

  2. If you like your pollies to make you angry - shouldn't need to go past the current crop of seat shining stupid selfserving stooges we have here in Australia - all sides Labor, Coalition, greens etc etc and the so called Independents

  3. Hi Andrew

    'Naughty' Pants here. I'm afraid not even I can hate the stupid. Thatcher was fiendishly smart. I was just listening to BBC World Service and two new ministers (one Tory, one LibDumb) both talked about 'nucular' power, despite the best efforts of the presenter to gently guide them back from the precipice of ignorance.

    Were I still in Hackney I would have voted for the excellent sitting Labour MP Meg Hillier. Before she came along, we had a lazy reprobate who didn't need my vote so I voted for The Socialist Alliance. They were never going to get in but it was a signal to the centrists that they could shuffle a little to the left with my blessing. I'm afraid I wasn't very influential in that regard.

    Gotta go now and buy my ticket for Thunderdome.



  4. New beginning Jayne. We are supposed to be excited. not bitter and cynical yet.

    Yeah, I know MC. But in my memory, apart from our Jeff Kennett, I can't recall anyone who outraged me as much as Thatcher did. She cared not two hoots for her fellow human beings.

    Hehe Pants, re mispronunciation. I can't even say what they said. Nuke ular. ABC RN podcast on British election is worth a listen to refresh memories. Nowt wrong with sending a message to the major parties. They get to see the raw figures. Maybe your Thunderdome reference will make sense in the harsh cold light of day.

  5. if I was the parent who paid the frightening fees at Eton, to get the result of the man saying nucular, I would be demanding a rebate from the school.

    GWBush went to a costly school and university and he gets it wrong too.
    Let's hear it for my fee-free education by the Victorian government.

  6. Nucular is a weird one Brownie. Is state education as good as when we attended school? I doubt it.