Friday, May 21, 2010

Coming to you live

My posts over the last week were prepared in advance and just touched up. They weren't published when they were first written as they were lacking and probably still are. I have even struggled to read your blogs this week, as I have been so short of time. Family matters intrude and work has mega intruded.

What family matters, you ask? What, you didn't? You are not such a caring and sharing person?

Tuesday night Mother rang in a panic. ABI Brother was due back from his over 50s singles holiday on Queensland's Daydream Island in the afternoon but he was not home by evening. Phone calls back and forth and contingency plans put into place should he not return by the next morning. About 9pm he answered his home phone and I told him to immediately call Mother. Lesson learnt, and I learnt it when Sis in Law called Dreaded Nephew in Thailand and a Thai answered the phone. She went into panic, thinking her son had been murdered. She did not realised that calling a mobile outside Australia is a bit different. Strayed off, next time make sure we have ABI Brother's itinery and insist he gets a mobile phone.

Wednesday night. Sis, Bone Doctor and Little Jo stayed. That night we learnt that who we thought was Little Jo's father was not. Little Jo's adultish half brother and sister have been told about their half sister. They are kewl with it and will probably pay a bit more attention now to Little Jo, as a half sister rather than a child of friends. Little Jo just loves meat. It will be a miracle if she turns into a vegetarian. She ate two small lamb chops herself and not too much in the way of salad or spuds.

Thursday R was unwell and could not go to work, but he was well enough to take Little Jo to see The Wiggles at the Palais in St Kilda, thereby using up his birthday present from Sister. He and Little Jo enjoyed the show very much.

Mother is in hospital for tests. R must go to Valley Hospital and collect her and stay with her until Sister arrives tomorrow. No sooner has her private health benefits kicked in, she is getting her, no ours, we are paying, monies worth.

Sister has sold her house in Geelong, kept the flat in Murrumbeena and bought a house near to where they are on the Bellarine Peninsular. They intend staying in the area. Bone Doctor has women who wear sensible shoes queuing up for PAP smears, just by word of mouth. Initially seemed strange to me, but then I go to a doctor who is gay, so there you go. It will be good for Little Jo to have some stability. She has already lived in Geelong, northern Victoria, central Victoria, Murrumbeena, in a provided place on the Bellarine and now finally, move into something permanent on the Bellarine. She is not even three yet.

Not finished yet. I made the mistake of sending a text to Sis in Law before I went to bed last night. Just as I went to sleep, she rang. She is head over heels in love with a guy she met via the net a mere month ago and they have announced their engagement. He has bought her a ring although the marriage will be a long time away I think. Talk about teens in love, except she is early forties and he is my age. She is a grown woman and I believe in love at first sight. The Gay Uncles have not met him yet.

I also learnt that Tradie Brother asked Sis in Law for a divorce a few months ago when he had his girlfriend, who has now bolted, up to point.

Weird. Family was not a part of our lives for a long time and now they are. Combination of Little Jo arriving and Step Father dying and our happiness with our present friends and no desire to seek now ones.

Friends are important though, even net friends. For those of you wondering about Jayne's absence from the www, she has not shot herself...........yet.


  1. Thanks for the update on yourself and on Jayne, Andrew. I know full well about the pressures of life and work -- that's kept me quiet as well.

  2. Thanks TS. Wouldn't it be nice to be reading, or researching or writing marvellous blog posts. Oh well, part of life. Then we are dead.

  3. "I have even struggled to read your blogs this week, as I have been so short of time."

    And here I was thinking that you were occupied because Jason Akemanis wouldn't let you out of the change room shower.

    Glad to hear that wasn't the reason.

  4. Footballers and Ministers for Transport.......bah. I am going into the closet and slamming the door.

  5. Andrew, that's a lot to be dealing with all at once! I hope you are getting a chance to take a calming break for yourself. It never rains...

  6. Anonymous8:12 pm

    My deepest sympathy, got a pretty good idea of whats happening to/for you at the moment. Isn't it strange - crisisis(?) always travel in packs, one at a time, you can deal with it. But a whole heap of them at once.....scary stuff......

    It will pass, you know that, just grit your teeth and hang on for the ride. Shit Happens.


  7. LiD, it is R that really struggles with all this, and it is not even his direct family.

    Don't worry Michael. I am fortunate to have a good family who never really has a cross word to each other. Of course what is said behind backs is another matter, but there aren't any alliances.

  8. "I am fortunate to have a good family who never really has a cross word to each other."

    You are also fortunate to have good blog friends - and you didn't have to earn them.

    You did the "Build it and they will come." thing - very well.

  9. I did build it, and they did come, but then some depart too. Sad. I do like blog friends. So much easier than real friends. But life and art collide and blog friends become people who I know.

  10. I know there is love at first sight - we moved in about two weeks after meeting in 72 andwere together from then on. It feels like coming home from somewhere.

  11. Hope your Mum is alright

  12. Perfect example MC. Thanks. Mum is ok, diagnosis, gastritis.

  13. Think you've hit the nail on the head there, Andrew. You've got good friends and family and they're enough.

    Interestingly, Tom and I've been living together now for almost a year and find that recently, we're spending more time with my parents and sister.