Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Charging phone, ipod, camera

Plugging my mp3 player into the pc is the only way I know to charge its battery.

I was transferring some photos from my phone to the pc and I noticed the battery charge indicator showing that the phone was charging. I left the phone connected and the battery charged up. Learn something every day.

I tried to test if the normal camera does the same when it is plugged into the pc, but as the battery is charged when out of unit, how can you tell? I then charged the battery normally and it seemed to charge quickly, so I am just not sure.


  1. Does your mp3 player have a USB connection for charging? For an iPod etc you can buy plugs that connect a USB cord into ordinary power points rather than a computer, and I think that might be the same for an mp3.

  2. I bought one of these when I went to America. Plugged into an adaptor it worked on 110 volts fine.

    If you are taking a laptop, just use that to charge your mp3 player and iPod.

  3. It does KN. I don't use the mp3 player a lot, but if I did, it would be useful to plug it into a power point.

    Yep Ben, as KN described. Taking the laptop yes, but doubt I will take the mp3 unit. Only my electric toothbrush can't do dual voltage and 50 to 60 whatevers.