Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Buses for Melbourne

Somewhere south of the Highrise, new tram tracks were being laid. A line of replacement buses was inching forward as the buses unloaded their passengers onto trams. I not like lines of buses. I am like most Melburnians and love a good whinge about trams, but I'm glad we have them.


  1. Anonymous8:40 pm

    Yes, we sighted those there buses on Saturday night when we went to the St KIlda Town Hall. I do like trams better :)

  2. I am not one for cutting down old trees generally Cazzie, but the majesty of St Kilda Town Hall is somewhat reduced by the trees in front of it. State Library had big trees in front of it and it is much improved since they were removed.

  3. Anonymous11:41 pm

    Bring back the trams to Sydney - we desperately need them.

    Who was the bafoon that let them go?

  4. Anonymous4:46 pm

    I too much prefer the trams to buses. I'll be rather happy when the works are finished.

  5. I don't mind buses, but it's definitely good that in the CBD they're mainly confined to a couple of streets that are less pedestrianised (Lonsdale, Queen). Narrow footpaths and a zillion noisy buses as in Sydney is pretty awful as a pedestrian.

  6. Slowly happening Anon. More info to come. The planning to get rid of them started as soon as WW2 ended.

    It is pretty inconvenient MD, but track replacement on top of the super stop construction hasn't helped.

    And like trams Somebody, there are many streets in Sydney where motorists can't get past buses.