Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Brighton Wars

The Brighton Antique Dealer is at war and has been for about four years. She is warring with her neighbour. She has fought him against his mega upward extension to his home tooth and nail through the council, VCAT and solicitors letters. While she had some victories and stopped him taking liberties, ultimately he built his very new Brighton three story house.

I noticed on Sunday that a house had been demolished in St Kilda Street, Brighton and immediately wondered if the very low height limit was still in force. With Melbourne 2030 in force and VCAT at the beck and call of developers, I guess not.

We were at BAD's place for another barbe to celebrate the birthday of Dame M's Boarder's Hair Dresser Friend. I think I can now call her our Hair Dresser Friend. How quickly the weather has changed. Just a few weeks ago for R's birthday BAD's Toy Boy had erected shading for us. Now the shading was to protect us from showers that never eventuated. BAD bought an outdoor overhead gas heater two years ago and it was christened yesterday and did a fine job. It was a lovely afternoon, with too much drinking and too much eating and a lot of laughing.

See first photo below. 'What are these steel uprights for BAD?' 'Next door's sail cloth supports. Don't worry, they are on his side of the fence. His workers came into my yard to put them up without asking. I asked them what they were doing and told them to get out.'

BAD went on, 'He saw me in the street a few days later. He said, "How are you today you old c***?"' Now I know they have been warring, but hardly the way to speak to a sweet seventy six year old lady. Maybe not so sweet.

Her latest battle with him is over her tv reception, she has had to extend the antenna, and now it is cooler, she found her chimney flue for her decorative fire would no longer work and had to be extended. He told that she could not attach the brackets to his house. She did anyway.

One victory I can recall is windows on the side of his house extension were disallowed and the screen of trees in the first photo had to be planted.


  1. Not a classy act on her neighbours part! Nasty man. From what I can see he has built something fairly pedestrian, which is not surprising.

  2. "His workers came into my yard to put them up without asking. "

    after all the disagreements, that just leaves me speechless.
    The vile Braghton people in Brighton, all moved there from somewhere else.
    Real Brighton people (eg my aunts who have been there since the 1940's) would never behave like this odious 'rich' man.

  3. What a horrible man.
    What a shame BAD is unable to shove her flue where his sun most definitely does not shine.

  4. LiD, very conventional for the area. A type of modern architecture I am not keen on.

    The old Brighton Ann, a place for the polite and comfortably middle class, rather than the pretentious super rich.

    Jayne, I think he thought he was dealing with little old widow, rather than a feisty independent person who you really would not choose to cross.

  5. Anonymous4:48 pm

    Maybe she should paint in large letters on the side of his house what she thinks of him........

  6. Indeed MC. Sniff!

    What a great idea anon. Except no one would see as her place is two story at the front. Best not to give her ideas either.