Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Blog Matters

Brian and Jayne are missing in action on my blog. Jayne is busy with personal matters. Could I have possibly said something to annoy Brian? Often I expect, but I miss his sometimes cryptic comments.

Day in, day out, week in week out, month in month out, year in year out, Daniel manages to churn out a daily post. I adore bloggers who let you into their life a bit, but of course you only ever hear what they want you to know. Precisely what I do.

I have been archived again at Pandora. So that means my cross over the now demolished Lonsdale House and the not flattering comment about State Planning Minister Justin Madden are down in history. Note, I have now deleted the picture and words. They stayed up too long, but I was waiting for archiving to happen.

This was a good find. Someone who cares. Scrubby Bush. I am new to Sydney Eye and Sydney - City and Suburbs. Both are works of art.

The Mutton Chopped Mutant has vowed to return to the world of blog from Facebook. We shall see. While I hope he does, in my experience, once you break, it is never the same again. At the other end, Raelene has declared she is not going to blog anymore and stick with FB.

Speaking of Facebook, I believe May 31 is delete your Facebook day. I do use FB, but I don't have time for both FB and blog. I sometimes check what people are saying but blog is my preference. I also have a family FB account, but that is not as satisfying as talking over the phone to family. The English rels only seem to want to communicate with us via FB. We read what they are doing or saying at times, but when we have sent flowers to R's sister for her birthday and she writes a thank you note in FB, hasn't it all gone so wrong? And wtf is Yoville?


  1. I pre-empted "Delete Your Facebook Day" about a week ago now. Only joined up to support a particular cause, and never liked those annoying tentacles of share-private-stuff-to-the-world nature it has. My inner Luddite nature, I suppose ...

  2. Causes are the reason I joined in the first place TS. I am not sure that is of much use pressure wise even for causes. I had a brief interest in Twitter too.

  3. I'll do all that I can to uphold that commitment Andrew, as for never being the same again, I was never much chop (no pun intended) to begin with, besides Jeb broke and returned multiple times, and its done him no harm. I think there used to be a blog called Interpret This that you used to read years ago too, and as far as I know that blogger recreated himself to rave reviews.

    Knowing that I have your undivided attention will certainly keep me interested for at least a fortnight, who knows I may even return to full-scaling blogging... recovering from crippling social defects such as I've suffered is a day-by-day process, I can assure you.

  4. I'm leaning towards quitting facebook, or wastetimebook as I like to call it. It makes it too easy to be lazy in your relationships - come on, who really has 200 friends?

  5. I ditched my Twitter. i do have FB but mainly use it with cousins on a specific project.

    Hah!I have 28 friends.

  6. Oh, Mutant or Interpret This has posted. I was always excited. Man, you write well and in an entertaining manner. Quality over volume is not a bad thing.

    MD, you have 200 FB friends. I am impressed. No wonder FB keeps suggesting new friends to me. You can dessert 200 friends?

    Julie, sorry I am not one of your FB friends. I shan't be.

  7. Brian, aka Lord Wyre, is fully occupied with a big dig and praying it won't rain on his 30 student-volunteers.
    Thanks for the tip to 31st May - I have revised my FB stance now that I have to live with Other People posting unattractive photos of me - who knew that would happen!
    I am glad that Copperwitch showed me how to delete, and there is on the web, a '10 reasons to delete' story which is very valid.
    What does MB's Inbox look like with so many Friends? I can't cope with when mine says 'you have 47 Invitations to Events' and all that stuff.

  8. Fine in Fleetwood, we hope. Hope the students are hotter than the ones we saw at Vindolanda. Lucky, in a stalker like manner, I have saved your FB photos. I know what you mean about the invites etc. I feel as if I am rejecting someone if I don't accept them.

  9. I think from comments the ditch digger is on highly secret business and would have to kill us if he told.

  10. Hmm Jahteh. No doubt he is surrounded by curious cows while munching on a chip butty while the students do the hard work.

  11. I've been a bit vacant from everything other than rental sites lately. FB bores me now, but I persist coz some people I have no other way of stalking, I mean keeping up with!
    I do miss blogging more but honestly other than working and sleeping and looking for somewhere to live I have nothing else going on in my life. Well almost. ;)

  12. I not deleting mine either Fen. I will just go there occasionally, as I do now. You may call it stalking. I will say for 'staying informed' about people.

    I was gonna suggest you write about places you have been looking at, but that could up the ante and then when you choose one, everyone would know, so not a good idea.

  13. I could post some lovely photos i've seen online of hideous pink bathrooms and green kitchens! Hmmm now there's an idea! You're brilliant!

  14. Can I spell it. Surreptitious photos from your phone might be fun.


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