Monday, May 03, 2010

Anzac 4 and the rest

Last Monday was a public holiday for us to celebrate Anzac Day which was the day before. This is such a good idea.

In the true Australian spirit, we went shopping, to Chadstone, shock horror. Parking was a nightmare, it was so crowded, there is nothing there that I want that I can't get in town, coffee was lousy and outrageously expensive and food as you get anywhere. Chaddy's only salvation was that there was some very hot talent around. We bought nothing but food and coffee.

We drove inched from there to that huge office supply place in Warrigal Road to buy ink for the printer.

On to the Brother Friends' place to admire there newly painted lounge room, repainted in exactly the same colour, except the name of the colour has changed, and to assist with their computer problems. I could not fix it.

I think it has a virus. It would only continually restart if started normally. It would run in safe mode, but there was little that I could do while it was in safe mode. I did empty temporary files and temp net files. But it seems it was well infected. Microsoft does show the list of what is causing trouble, from viruses to worms, but will not let you fix it without registering and I assume paying. I advised a trip to the sick pc shop.

Teen Chainsaw Niece turned up out of the blue on Friday night and stayed over until Saturday afternoon. Sister and Little Jo turned up Saturday night for Sister to go see her Hawk football team loose miserably and they stayed the night. We had a full on social thing today, Sunday.

Bone Doctor will stay one night next week. Then Sunday is Mother's Day and so Mother will require attention and ABI Brother will stay one night following week.

Who's bright idea was it to buy a three bedroom apartment with recreational facilities in a central location?


  1. Busy bees you and R! Sounds like our place with all the people coming and going visitng and stuff. Life could be boring without all this excitement!

  2. Social butterflies!

  3. Yes Cazzie, nice to have friends and family. Better if they would spread out a bit more though.

    A bit forced social butterflies at times Jayne.

  4. we all live in fear of computers catching something. be wary where you browse is rule 1.
    re "Who's bright idea was it to buy a three bedroom apartment with recreational facilities in a central location?" - comiseration and understanding from someone who lived 3 doors from Toorak rd, right in the main Sth Yarrra shopping area, and how many times did I answer the door, day and night, to
    "we were just passing and ..."
    christ, everybody crosses Trk Rd to get anywhere.
    OTOHand Andrew, it's A Life.

  5. A life indeed Ann. We don't answer the door to 'drop ins'. They can give us ten minutes notice at least. Of course mobiles weren't around when you were a babe.