Saturday, April 17, 2010

Why I stopped teaching people basic computer usage

I would have just said that, 'there is other stuff there', but first I would have suggested and changed the computer to single clicking where possible. What is just an automatic action for most of us, double clicking for an older person who has never used a mouse can be very quite difficult.

Once you are an experienced computer user, it can be difficult to unlearn things you do automatically, so that you are on the same level as a novice.

Another reason is that no two computers are set up in the same way, so you have to learn where things are as you are teaching. And never mind different operating systems. And, and, next lesson, they will have been fiddling!!! and altered things.

All too hard.


  1. ha ha i'm trying to get my head around this new laptop and it's fandangled mouse pad thing, with amusing results.

  2. "Single clicking" ?
    I'm feeling faint....

  3. I know what Fen means. I was at Officeworks the other day, looking at laptops and notebooks and I could not get the pad to put the arrow where I needed it.
    I still can't use a mouse right handed.

  4. Fen, we tried for a while and then bought a normal mouse.

    Single clicking is beneficial to your health Jayne.

    Yep Jahteh, it is hard to change once you have learnt one way, especially for those like us who are just over forty. So you are left handed?

  5. I'm right-handed but I always seem to be writing down something and need to scroll at the same time.

  6. I just want mine to work and don't wnat to spend days learning intricacies when i just want to email or blog or do documents...

  7. Much the same for me MC. Far too complicated with stuff we will never use.