Monday, April 26, 2010

Three prong Jap absurdity

Lordy, how hard is this? Laptop charger has a three pin plug. Japan uses two pins. Plug adaptors are available for Oz to Jap but not with any space for the earth plug. A multi country adaptor will work, but such a cost. Oz to Euro and Euro to Japan will work too, but how messy. It seems the adaptors are readily available in Japan and hotels lend you one for free. But I like to be prepared.

What do Australians who like to be prepared do? They hacksaw off the earth pin from their laptop charger or drill a hole in the standard Aus to Jap conversion plug to accommodate the earth prong. I think we will do the latter.


  1. Hi Andrew, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Wow I think that is all a bit scarey with the plugs. Don't some things get confusing when you travel.

  2. Indeed they do Davine. I try to be organised but there is always something that trips you up.

  3. i like to travel technology free, i'd leave my laptop at home. Too much worry for me.

  4. Sydney last year Fen was the first time I had a laptop with us. It was invaluable, if only amusing me in the early morn while R slept.


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