Sunday, April 11, 2010


It was a pretty enough sunrise, viewed from home. While in the photo it looks quite dark still, it was not that dark. The camera lies. I often forget to pay attention to sunrises. There is an odd occasion when I find it hard to get up early, but generally I am happy enough to spring out of bed when the alarm shrieks. I am often already awake in anticipation of the day ahead. Just call me Pollyanna. All will be good.

But sometimes a sunrise can look harsh. In summer when at home, the light increases and suddenly a tiny piece of sun appears. And then it gets bright and nasty and I rush to close the blinds. While I wasn't at home, this was one of those harsh sunrises and it spoke of evil things later in the day, unless you were the owner of a panel beating business and the day's weather events secured your future for months ahead.


  1. i see sunrises now, on my way home from work or just before I leave. It's a lovely time of the day and the way the sky transforms is marvellous. Great pics.

  2. Great pics Andrew. Luckily my flat faces North East so I` get to see them also.
    Hoping soon to put up a series of Summer sunsets from the North West view.
    According to all the dates in my photo files it was the June and July shots that look the most dramatic. June and July being our British mid-Summer period.

  3. The dawn is beautiful because it holds so much promise of the day ahead before the glaring sunlight shows the reality ;)

    March 6th?

  4. Sunsets are nice too Fen, but I like sunrises.

    Except DeeJohn, you have to get up very early to catch the summer sunrise, so sunsets will be good.

    The nasty reality Jayne. The date on the photo matches, but I can't connect the two in my head. I am not confident that it was that day.

  5. Anonymous10:03 pm

    Nice pictures - you werent on your way home when you took them, were you

  6. I wish Michael. I was about to start work.