Friday, April 16, 2010

Pots and Locks

The door bolt to keep Little Jo off the balcony has been installed. I had to pack it out a little with washers otherwise the bolt would not have cleared the lip in the frame. I drilled one bolt hole to keep it locked but I will drill another so that the door can be open about ten centimetres.

A matter that will come to fore in the not too distant future is the saucepan lid handles. Our four stainless steel saucepans with enclosed copper bases would be around thirty years old. I think we paid $200 for them, a lot of money thirty years ago and there is only one area where they are not standing the test of time, the lid handles. What a pity they weren't fixed instead of being rotatable to allow steam venting. They are warped and cracked although none have fallen off yet. Blame the dishwasher again.

I thought I will ring the company and order replacements. I have a little care leaflet that says they are Krona, made by Crown Corning. It even gives a NSW address, Bourke Street in Waterloo. A net search brought up nothing. Googlie street view tells me that it is now a self storage warehouse opposite a Taylors private college.

Is Dow Corning a remnant of Crown Corning, or rather took Crown Corning over? There is a Down Corning at Homebush but there website does not seem to indicate that they sell pots and pans. This is going to take some serious lateral thinking when they eventually give way. Btw, this lid is not so bad, the more frequently used smaller lids are worse, but I couldn't take a photo as they being washed in the you know what. The pan larger than this one is still ok.


  1. Couple of things: the second hole, ten centimetres back so you can open the door slightly... for safety make it about 5cm further back. I might sound like a panic merchant but 10cm might still be enough for Little Jo to slip past.

    As for the pot problem, they may not be a perfect match, but K Mart sells loose lids that may well do the job, or hit up some garage sales. By the sounds of it they're a quality set so there'd be little need to replace them and you may find what you need at an op-shop.

  2. I was just about to suggest going with a different brand pot lid handle but have been beaten to it. I think if you replace them all, no one but you will know they were different before.

  3. I agree with Mutant on the 5cm instead of 10 cm spacing.
    Ditto the suggestions for replacement lids.
    Am trying to find replacement saucepan for Mum's 50+ year old set, so I got no helpful ideas for you lol.

  4. "Is Dow Corning a remnant of Crown Corning?"

    It's the republican wing, I believe.

  5. Mutant, I did rather pluck the four inches from the air. It will be carefully considered and no doubt household management will be supervising.

    I didn't know that pot lids can be bought separately. Will consider. Thanks.

    Actually Raelene, no-one ever sees our pots. You are right. The lids aren't so important. The pan themselves are.

    Jayne, that is only 2 inches. I think somewhere in between. It is quite hypothetical though. She is has helicopters hovering over her every move.

    Brian, if it is republican and with Crown in the name, your Betty must be mixed up in it somewhere.

  6. Owd Bess is usually mixed up in just about everything, I reckon...especially baby-eating aliens.

  7. Good work Uncle Andrew.

  8. Good on you for trying and good you remember how the old people (farming people) used to have their saucepans mended with metal washers with a little bolt fixed to the area which had worn thin? I never saw it being done but my old aunty had them till she died in 1971

  9. I was thinking along those lines MC. It won't be too pretty though.

  10. Andrew,
    It is a year down the track BUT ...

    I was Financial Controller of Crown Corning Limited 27 years ago - think Corningware cookware, drinking glasses, and Vegemite jars rather than Dow Corning.
    The saucepans were imported from NZ from a company called (I think) Zip Krona. I am unable to locate that company on the internet

    PS I am looking for replacement handle for my Krona saucepan. (I left saucepan to boil dry for an hour)

    Crown Corning's operations was apparently split 20 years ago between its 2 owners ACI of Australia and Corning Glassworks Inc of USA.

  11. Thanks Edward. Corningware. Of course. They were indeed Krona. While we tried in Australia to get a generic replacement, we failed. Last year when we holidayed in Japan, we came across them and they are perfect fits. Sadly for you, I don't recall seeing any generic handles though. So Corningware has disappeared from Australia. I think the brand name had respect. Odd.

  12. We also bought our Krona Saucepans years ago, for us about 40ish year ago. They have been fantastic. We replace some lid handles years ago by going to the company in NZ but now one of the handles has broken on the side, still usable. Also, importantly, we never put them in the dishwasher. If anyone finds a distributor then please post here, but I am thinking there will be no replacement parts.

    1. Unknown, good information. The replacement saucepan handles were bought in a town in northern Japan and they were ok for a few years but they are deteriorating now and I am not up for asking our friend to go back to area she has now moved from to buy more. I wish we had bought two sets when we were there. Now our handles are seriously deteriorating and I can't see any solution to that apart from new saucepans. While not daily, but frequently our saucepans go into the dishwasher. For the smaller pots, that might be around 250 days a year for forty years, say 10,000 times. Quite impressive. Thanks heaps for telling us about yours and us now knowing we are not the only ones with those saucepans.

    2. Oh yes, so much for a lifetime guarantee.