Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nippon excitement building

It is only about two months now before we go to Japan. Many details are still to be sorted out, but we have booked our flights with Jetstar, and we have booked our accommodation in Tokyo, a Junior Suite in the Ueno area, and our accommodation in the north of Japan where our friend lives. We are somewhat troubled that we did not have to pay in advance, a deposit even, for our accommodation. I fully expected to have to pay the whole amount. If I was confident in forecasting the exchange rate, I might have preferred to pay in advance. Our friend in Japan has assured us that this is the norm.

We will buy a seven day Japan Rail Pass, but we are there for ten days, so we have worked out how when to start using it. In advance we will book a bus trip to Mount Fuji, with a lake cruise and a cable car ride.

We will travel to the north of Japan by Shinkansen and then change to a local express train. Our friend in Japan has indicated a good train to catch, but we are yet to look at the timetables.

The toys had to be investigated as to whether they will work on 100v rather than 240v. Laptop charger tick, phone chargers tick, camera charger tick, electric toothbrush charger, fail. I have lived the vast majority of my life without an electric toothbrush, so I guess I can manage. My phone uses 3G, so it will work. Seems R's does not.

The exchange rate is quite favourable at the moment. I wonder if we should buy some yen. I probably won't as who knows what will happen in two months.

Back to the laptop, it is heavy to lug around in a backpack, but I found it invaluable for entertainment and information when we took our last holiday in Sydney. The hotels have free plug in broadband in the rooms. I just have work out what the right cable is and do we have one.


  1. I always take my laptop on holiday these days - it's also handy for processing photos, so that's another plus. Sounds like you've planned a great trip!

  2. Anonymous10:36 pm

    Hey, envy plus! (which is stupid, I know you had to work for it, same as the rest of use serfs)
    If I give you a list of electronic parts I need to get, (Will give you a map) could you bring them back for me? Dont worry about the Plutonium, it will be well shielded....(enuff )..(sort of)...

  3. Anonymous10:40 pm

    Theres a wonderful book, a paperback Penguin, translation of a 16th C Japanese writer describing his journey on a pilgrimage trail ...its largely intact, still used, hasn't changed....

    (that, and lottsa cheap interesting radio bits)

    Bugger the bullet Train.


  4. Not quite entranced by Asia, not sure why. But am by Europe. I'm off to France in September. I have some Euro left on my Travel Card from last time - like about $1K ... so that is good. I am going to buy a laptop this time as all our accommodation has connections and it is so good to be able to secure my photos each day. My daughter is trying to talk me into an i-pad but I am not used to Apples.

  5. Good one Scott. I better install the camera download program on the lap top. Our camera card is quite big, so that will be two copies of photos. I will probably burn a cd too.! Not after the baking powder incident when I brought some back from NZ for a friend. And walk a trail??? Why? I love trains and speed.

    Apart from England, only been to Paris and Amsterdam Julie. I loved Paris. I guess one day we will see more. Japan will be very different to other parts of Asia we have seen. Just in case you are bored.

  6. Julie, meant to say something about ipad. I would not take one unless you were familiar with the system. Our laptop is heavy. I would prefer a smaller one. Netbook might be ok, but I don't think they have a cd slot.