Friday, April 30, 2010


It is always good to slip in a personal connection before a rant. The Federal Government insulation scheme mess up has constantly been niggling at me. Fen has prompted me to have a rant, so there is the personal.

At least the money spent on schools as part of the economic stimulus, often unwisely it seems, is not life threatening. I wonder what Melbourne Grammar will spend theirs on. How could they possibly find anything else to spend money on? Gold linings for their swimming pools perhaps?

No, it is the life threatening home insulation that really troubles me. I have been around long enough to not be too surprised by things governments do. Maybe in the past governments led us towards a light shining on a hill, but not now. They are very reactive. From the moment Garrett was elected by the people as a Labor Party member, you could see where he was going to go.

What really troubles me is the rip off of people by the people. Bosses concerned for their workers welfare, zilch. They electrically fry them in roofs and care not. Peoples houses burning down, sometime with the people in them, the overlords of the installers care not. None could even say to their workers, who they probably paid a very minimal amount, take care to not staple through electric wires. Take care not to cover downlights. It was only about getting their greasy hands on poorly overseen government expenditure. Government expenditure is our money.

You insulation overlords are a disgrace to Australia and you make me feel very ashamed. With my money you have ripped people off and put many in danger. If you are foreign born, then I would ship you back to where you came from and if you are Australian born, I would ship you off to where you don't come from.


  1. According to some reports, it was an absolute bonanza for high level criminals.
    File it under "when good ideas go bad".

  2. Anonymous6:03 pm

    What really worries me is the sheer scale of the rorts - are so many of our fellow citizens corrupt and totally self-serving? - whats happened?...


    BTW - Andrew - thank you for the photographs, you are telling me about my own town, and doing it well. Thank you.

  3. Not heard that Jahteh, but it makes sense.

    Troubles me greatly Michael. I feel better if criminals were involved. Funny, while I did not know you lived there, you did enter my mind briefly on the day. 'Tis a great town.

  4. Ouch! Still, a worthy rant. People often forget that a rort involves two parties and the cowboys who went in there gung-ho were under such little supervision. Why is it that when I take a cab charge from work, it requires greater oversight than these people snapping up millions and millions of dollars from the federal government?

  5. Mind you Rob, I have known taxi drivers to take advantage of cabcharge. Just writing in a bit too much. But yes, your are right.

  6. Hear hear, or is it here here!?! I've lost complete faith in the government, in ANY government. I think we should have a revolution!

  7. The former Fen. Me too. I did really expect a bit better from Krudd.

  8. This is all so depressing. Yes, there is the issue of management and, indeed, whether it was a worthy response to the stimulus that was required. But the distressing thing is what a bunch of bastards some of us are!

    Yes, 4 men are dead. But I would like to read the coronial report in each case. As I would like to read independent assessments of each fire. I would also like to see the statistics of roof fires PRIOR to the commencement of this scheme.

    But there are other schemes, where a govt has a duty of oversight and where people die. And now I wonder if surviving relatives should not be able to issue a viable claim on the govt. Pool fencing is one such. Car seat-belts is another such. Seeing neither the individual nor the installer is in any way liable, there must be a liability-of-last-resort.

    It is all just so depressing ... but ... at least I live in Malcolm's electorate ... but then I would be defacto-voting for 'motor-mouth' ... depressing, doesn't cover it really.

  9. Anonymous4:49 pm

    I hear they have plenty of insulation bats stockpiled - me thinks will be going for a song now.

    Yes I think the trouble was caused by all the fly by nighters in for a quick buck.

    But compensation should be sought from the Gov't for this massive bungle.

  10. Julie, the coronial reports will be interesting reading. A workmate had a roof fire caused by badly installed insulation well before the gov scheme. It will be interesting to watch WW come the fed election, given it not a safe seat. Will TB's vote increase or fall.

    Agree anon, compo for those who have suffered and prompt inspection by qualified people and rectification.

  11. On Sydney radio this week Wayne Swan referred to the insulation deaths as 'events'. That says something about Government.

  12. Weasel word Victor. I am not even keen on saying, 'passed away'.

  13. Anonymous8:05 pm

    I heard some time ago that every year there are approximately 80-90 fires caused by insulation. Even without the dodgy installation, the higher number of houses now insulated will mean that there will be more fires.

    I agree wholeheartedly with you about the greed that the whole scheme has demonstrated. Yet had there been heavy oversight, I can just imagine the Herald-Sun headlines: "Red tape stifles scheme" "Rip-off bureaucracy" "Millions go on administration" etc. etc.

  14. Judge, this rather tells us that there should have been regulation much earlier. But surely there must have been a way for the scheme to go ahead without shonky installation but still not stifling it either.