Monday, April 12, 2010

The evil coach

Me talking footy? I don't care to know about half back flanks and punt kicks, but I don't mind the goss.

With our Ben leading the charge to the bar, Richmond footy club is in trouble for riotous behaviour at a Sydney Hotel. Wouldn't happen to have been the Coogee Bay Hotel would it? Just a guess. It does have a reputation. The team has been so sick of waiting for a win (pokes out tongue at Tony) and the chance for a celebration, they decided to celebrate another loss instead.

When I was young, if I was questioned, I would say I barrack for Collingwood. Now I say St Kilda, since I am something of a local and have been for a long time. Changing footy teams is an unforgivable sin for those who take the game seriously. All my male relatives and Sister and the Bone Doctor take football so seriously. At some point when I was a kid, I realised that wrestling on tv was fake. Regardless, my late step father used to take it seriously. I think I am coming to the realisation that football is now fake. It is art performance by professional actors.

Among the cast of a good performance there must be a baddie and it seems Mick Malthouse, coach of team Collingwood, is the man.

The latest tale of his horridness is only a confirmation of what I have thought for a long time. A nastier piece of sneering and supercilious work you could not find.


  1. Anonymous9:56 pm

    Onya Mick - the occasional vitriolic RANT is needed for Mental Health, I reckon.

  2. Anonymous9:59 pm

    And furthermore, Mick is not a Big Meanie. If your coach of Collingwood, it is expected you do politically incorrect things sometimes ......

  3. I don't mind a rant Michael and I don't mind politically incorrect, but he just comes across as nasty. S'pose you support the 'Woods.

  4. I guess Mick Meanhouse is not one of the AFL's to be 'outed' in the Stutchbery book I read about in The Sun today.

  5. Oh, err, Andrew, ball sports?
    Whatever next?!

  6. Couldn't stand sport as a kid. Can't stand it now. Dull, repetitive, never-ending...and that's just the people in the pub who discuss it.

  7. The Sun today was appalling. Footballers on the front page behaving badly and La Bingle on the inside. Nearly threw my coffee across the cafe.

  8. I think you're onto something re football as performance-art: when I first started taking an interest as a child in the 60s, the drama of a football match was intriguing because of the cast of characters.

    The tall, scrupulously fair forward; the cunning back-pocket; beanpole ruckman; dancing centreman. This was what first appealed, the dramatis personae were all recognizable characters and yes, there were goodies and baddies.

    I worked out wrestling was fake around the same time I realized football wasn't.

    It's the coverage and constant confected controversies that make it look like wrestling.

  9. EmStacks, I thought we might be warming up to an 'outing'.

    Jayne, you are surprised that I like balls?

    So you aren't in the habit of dribbling a ball around Brian?

    I only saw the front page Jahteh. Was it Ben on the cover again? I forget.

    The controversies are quite confected aren't they Lad. Much of it is not new at all, but the reporting of it is.

  10. Anonymous1:48 am

    Yes, I was dragged up through footy, I met some wonderful people through the love of the game, and now, we have all stayed mates, but one thing is clear, the game has changed. The players are such pusseys and they need to buy a can of harden up from Bunnings and spray it all over themselves and just get on with playing a real match. End of rant, lol

  11. I think cameras on them all the time has had an effect Cazzie. I don't recall footy players getting injured so often or severely years ago.

  12. The football field is their workplace and if, in your workplace, you called another worker 'a fucking rapist' as Malthouse did you would most likely face harrassment charges.

    But if you are football celebrity you get a slap on the wrist and a knowing smile.

  13. Victor, they really do want it both ways. A game and a profession. Whichever suits at the time.