Sunday, April 25, 2010

Digger's Day

The Shrine of Remembrance, not long after completion I think. I know nothing of the pool of water. Australia and New Zealand commemorate ANZAC Day with ceremonies around the two countries and in other countries too. Melbourne's major ceremony is held at the Shrine, with a dawn service and later a veterans march.

Mother on your right at the Shrine of Remembrance on, I assume, Anzac Day and with her best friend who died two years ago. I would guess it would be the early 1950s. Not sure that a newspaper under your arm is a great look Mother. Rest assured, as a good Presbyterian lass, she was not carrying the racing form guide. More likely for the City movie guide.

Note the lack of trees around the Shrine, unlike now, with just one distant gum tree to be seen. The path to the Shrine was only gravel then.

As flippant as I can be at time, I can't bring myself to say happy Digger's Day. For me it is a day to remember the hideous happenings of war and the millions of people around the world killed in the name of war, more often than not at the bidding of the rich and powerful. Lest we forget that the young of Australia and their parents will ever be so naive again. Make that the world.

Later Edit: I asked Mother about the photo today, and she confirmed it was Anzac Day. I asked who took the picture and she did not know. She guessed a stranger. She told me she thought it was a horrible photo of her and not to use it at her funeral.


  1. I'm in total agreement with your last paragraph there, Andrew. Hear, hear.

  2. The Shrine had water? Why was I never told?

    Also agree with your last paragraph. Lest we forget, indeed.

  3. Anonymous4:54 pm

    The top photo is the war memorial.


  4. Anonymous4:56 pm

    Um is that the same thing? never knew the shrine to be called the war memorial LOL thought it was war memorial in Canberra, weird with the water though, again me Michelle.
    sorry to make two posts *sheepish*

    off to make some anzac bikkies ...

  5. Agree with your sentiments ;)

  6. Thanks TS. Sad news from your country today.

    Ren, I should investigate about the water.

    Hi Michelle. I thought maybe it was a photo of the one in Canberra, but the caption clearly says Victoria. Anyway, despite momentary confusion, we are sorted now. Did you hear that the real Anzac biscuits were horrible rock hard and bland?

    Of course Jayne. You speak from the heart.

  7. Perfectly put, Andrew.

  8. Haha, my Nan would have said something similar to that which your Mum had said in your Later Edit. Funny the way their minds work...and well, I wish my Nan was still here for me to hear her say such things!

  9. Vanity to the end Cazzie.

  10. I had to cackle about wot your mum said.

  11. Julie, one thing about Mother, she always makes people laugh, more often than not at her expense.

  12. So lovely to see a piccy of your Mum Andrew albeit so many years ago.. I think she looks like a very strong personality oui :) I pray that my son never has to go off and fight a war created at the whim of some power hungry maniac..

    1. Grace, yes, you could describe Mother's personality as strong. I cannot imagine today's youth going off to fight a war if they did not want to. Young people are much more worldly and savvy now, and that is not a bad thing.