Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Clearing the phone of random photos

What size are these drums of grease? Precisely 18.9 litres. You see it is not just plasma tvs arriving at our ports by their thousands but all manner of things including 5 gallon drums of grease. Odd that this American grease is going to be used in German made plant. Nah, it's not really. 'Tis the global village.

It's a Willeys four wheel drive and often parked across the road from us. Some of the writing says Mirboo East and what looks like RTA. Also 1963-1987. No idea what the RTA would have been.

This was our cutlery when we ate at Cafe Vue, EPNS and bone handles suffering badly from diswasheritis I suspect. I liked it but the box it came in was a bit crappy.

Seeing a helicopter landing on the Alfred hospital helipad does not excite me, but seeing one land in a park does.

The good, old, bloke designed kitchen. Corner cupboards that you have to get on your hands and knees to get to the back of and opening doors right next to the oven which gets very hot and so the doors on both sides have warped.


  1. Anonymous1:53 am

    That cutlery was my favourite that my Nan used in her kitchen. I would love to eat the egg she would cook for me and use the knife and fork to pierce the gooey centre... memories :)
    I love helicopters too, you know I used to be in Air Cadets and love any flying gadget.. but when I hear a chopper here at work I know it means something else than just a good time.
    Yeah, re the kitchen cupboards, ours are the same in the kicthen, stupid idea! Bend cupboards drive me nuts not closing!

  2. They were pretty standard cutlery years ago Cazzie. We see the chopper fly into the Alfred all the time. Another disaster and maybe a family distraught.

  3. Anonymous10:44 pm

    The drum of oil in the first pic is highly specialized, we dont/cant/wont make it here, so it comes in drums from ????? And yes, tis global village - use whats available, if someone else makes it, use it anyway.

  4. You pretty well nail it Michael.

  5. RTA

    Surely not the dreaded Roads and Traffic Authority, NSW that has yet again distinguished itself just this week?

  6. I thought of that too Victor, but the paintwork is too old. That M3 business was disgraceful. Just off to the SMH in a minute to check the latest.