Monday, April 26, 2010

Anzac Day 1

Mother needed her windows cleaned, inside and out. I learnt a lesson last time I cleaned her windows. Take my own cleaning stuff. I cleaned away with bursts of sunshine and showers. Last Sunday Tradie Brother had pulled down all her curtains and scrim and Mother washed them during the week and we were to put them back up. 'Where does this one go Mother?' 'Lounge room.' R and I fitted the scrim and added the light weight side drapes. R fiddled for ages getting them to sit nicely. 'Ok Mother, next. Where does this one go?' 'Dining room'. We fitted that one and it dragged on the floor. Mother burst into laughter. 'Oh, that is the lounge room one. The one you put up in the lounge room is the dining room one.' 'I am not laughing Mother.' We adjourned for lunch and tackled them again after lunch and got them right. Mother kept apologising, rendered worthless because she also kept giggling about the mistake.

The plan was to go to Gembrook for afternoon tea. My plan was to see the 2.45 steam train depart from Gembrook. Mother was in a go slow mode and then decided she need to go to a shop in Pakenham. There goes seeing the train depart. Then I saw a notice on a shop window. Steam shuttle train operating between Pakenham and Berwick. Damn, times are all wrong to see it pass by. I did actually hear the train whistle earlier from Mother's.

Mother's back yard, canna lilies and geranium.

The back of the house. The very back part is an extra bedroom added after Mother's father bought the house for her. At one point it was partitioned into two, meaning all three children had their own space. I never lived in this house. The partition has since been removed and the room is full of junk.

It is a long time since you could burn your rubbish in an incinerator, but the incinerator remains.

Late Step Father's bird aviaries. He bred prize winning budgerigars. He was very clever with animals. He could get a wild animal to behave like a tame dog or cat and wild birds eating from his hand.


  1. I used to love lighting the incinerator and burning things in it! Pyro at heart. Ours looked pretty similar to your Mum's.

  2. My mum was a complete pyromaniac (loved her for it). And in shades reminiscent of Barry Humphries, "we burned dads things" in the backyard too.

  3. Lots of old favourites in your Mum's garden. The lawn is immaculate. I love to see an old Hills Hoist taking pride of place. How many times was I told not to swing on those in childhood.

  4. Good fun Fen.

    Lol James. Generational matter, I would guess.

    LiD, not so many Hills Hoists left now. She does like her garden. Mowing the lawns became too much for my brother, so she is now paying someone to do it.

  5. I love back yards like this, 'Menzies' yards I think of them as.

  6. Menzies' yards. Love it Julie. It also had the obligatory lemon tree.