Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Anzac 3

It was worth the $5 fee to have a look around the car museum in Gembrook.

I think this is a Daimler. It appears to be automatic but still has three pedals. I have seen one like it many years ago and I wrote to the Daimler Car Club for an explanation of the gear system and I received an informative reply. The letter is filed away....somewhere, and the explanation is filed away in my memory.....somewhere.

No need to guess the make of this one. Very nice.

This is a Studebaker. I recall the sixties models that were nice enough, but nothing really special. You will agree, this one is special.

I have never noticed such special car lights before. So pretty.

I am not old enough to have used such a petrol pump. Anyone know how they worked? Fill the glass tank with a hand pump, set the slide to the quantity required, then let it drain into the tank?

One pound, two and six. Ka ching. I have operated cash registers like this. They were fun and often beautifully made. This one may not have been. It looks a bit on the cheap side. You could kind of preselect the keys before you fully pushed them down. They did not add up. You had to do that in your head. I think that is the inside of a petrol pump next to the register.

I did not get time to look at this properly. It appeared to be bound copies of the Sydney Morning Herald. It was huge, spanning over one metre.


  1. I wish they'd make some reproductions of those old cars. I certainly would drive one.

  2. Oh Andrew, those are delicious cars. Is that a golden car with a fringe? You are so right about the
    headlights. I wonder if I could sneak a car out in an over-sized carry-all. Love these photos.

  3. MTB, I think Studebakers are American cars. There must be quite a few still around there.

    LiD, the bonnet looks to be painted, but the doors and mudguards seem to be polished metal. There would be some maintenance there. Course you could take one. No one would ever notice.

  4. Is it wrong of me that I have used a fuel pump just like that one? Up until a couple of years ago they weren't particularly uncommon around farms. Generally not in use, having been replaced by electric Gilbarcos from the 60s and 70s, but some still operational. They're considered collectable now though so are harder and harder to find rotting away in someone's back shed.

  5. Love the car museum, thanks for sharing the pics ;)
    In a former life I helped restore bajillions of those walnut dashboards for Jags, Damilers, etc.

    I grabbed a snap of the steam train as it tootled through Oakleigh lol ;)

  6. Ah Mutant, the good old Gilbarcos. People from the gov dept weights and measures used to come around and check them for quantity. We just had a gravity tank for filling the cars and machinery.

  7. Restoration of walnut dashes Jayne. How interesting and odd. Your snap must have been from when the train was going to do the shuttle. Share the pic.

  8. Not really into old cars .. but love the cash register and the old volume of SMHs ... I can spend the better part of a day in a place like this. Love the smell, too.

  9. Bit curious as to why the SMH would be printed so large. Certainly not an original size.