Monday, April 26, 2010

Anzac 2

It was a nice drive to Gembrook but it was quite chilly when we arrived. Mother had been before and wanted to have Devonshire Tea at a place called Pandoras Box. New owners had just taken over the day we visited and the Dev Tea had finished. Still we had a nice cake each and some tea from Yorkshire. The antique and collectables shop had closed while we having afternoon tea, but while waiting for our food, I paid to have a look at the car museum. More on that in another post.

We walked to the railway station. What funny little train tracks. It is a narrow gauge railway only used by Puffing Billy.

Sadly the sweet shop has closed down. The murals are kinda cute.

Tea rooms, collectables and a car museum. Yep, that is a London taxi, a quite modern model.

When visiting a country town, there should always be a rotunda. I do like a good rotunda.

This is a very round oak tree. I know it is an oak as I nearly went a over t on acorns at the base of the tree. It is also a very large tree, perhaps the largest oak I have seen.

Rosellas feeding in the grass.

I don't know who Andrew Richie was but he died at a young age. The plaque is on the water tank stand, the tank water being used to fill Puffing Billy's boiler.


  1. Great photos, Andrew. It does look chilly. The oak is a beautiful shape. I'm glad there are no powerlines to halt its progress.

  2. 'I do love a good rotunda'
    Why thank you HawtAndrew, I like to be appreciated and I think Jayne would agree.

  3. And LiD, there were thousands of acorns under the tree. I hope that means it is healthy.

    Jahteh, I am stumped for a suitable reply.

  4. Eastern Rosellas ... and I loike rotundas too ... band stands ... very useless looking things ... I love uselessness ...

  5. Bit of a worry Julie. The rosellas seem to be disappearing under the weight of sulphur crested cockatoos. I wonder how many rotundas are now used for performances? They are rather like follys now.

  6. Gembrook is lovely, I had a friend who lived up there long ago. I have hilarious memories of being in front of a fire at the local pub and being rather, ahem, stoned & getting a grand attack of the paranoias and fleeing before "they called the cops". LOL! Aah the olden days.

  7. Haha Fen, the paranoia! We saw the pub. It looked 'interesting'.