Wednesday, March 03, 2010

What facade is this?

Even when it was newly built, could this building have ever been considered attractive?

There is not much to the building as you can see at the side in the second photo. Just sheets of tin. There wasn't a clue to indicate what its use was. But wait, maybe there is.

In the third pic there is the small plaque that says Founded by Inspector G W McCulloch 1953, designed and built 1956. Googlie tells me that McCulloch was probably the policeman who went on to become Superintendent, Chief of the Traffic Branch, in 1966, when .05 blood alcohol legislation was introduced. I'll take a stab and suggest it was a Police and Boys Clubhouse, or boxing or whatever to keep naughty youth off the streets.


  1. wow, i wonder if the person who designed it got an award ;)
    Ha ha, very unattractive.

  2. Not a pretty building, most definitely not lol. Or as my Nan would have said "It's not much chop".

  3. It was probably very modern in it's day, and for that reason seemed attractive at the time, although hasn't aged well. Looks very familiar too. It's right next to Collingwood station right?

  4. Are you sure it wasn't Banksy's nursery?

  5. It would have looked very now in its day. I think you might be on the money about the police boys club. Imagine how many crimes would have been hatched there.

  6. Wouldn't surprise me Fen.

    Not much chop indeed LiD.

    Very modern Ben and ever so cheap. Well spotted, yes C'wood Station.

    Who is Banksy Brian?

    Lad, there is probably a good reason why they are not around anymore, and you might have it.

  7. No idea on style although "Hidious Yet Functional" spawned the current rash of unimaginative glass and steel monstrosities.
    This little site here states it's "non-contributory" heritage-wise if it's 17 Stanton St, the former Police Boys' Club Hall.

  8. That would be the one Jayne. Nice sleuthing. The pdf would not work properly for me. I will try later.

  9. Andrew - the building is currently used for boxing training, as the recent graffiti on the side shows. It's just over the park from my place and was recently re-roofed and the side painted.
    Thanks for the link Jayne - I didn't know about this report. It looks interesting.

  10. Thanks Frank. My guesses weren't bad then. I guess the park opposite is Life by the Park.


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