Thursday, March 18, 2010


Spell checker does not like the word valeen. It was a word that was around when I was a teen, I guess a combo of vile and unclean. Good word really.

I listened to some chat on the radio the other day about people's cleanliness fetishes. One person who had a fairly extreme cleanliness fetish in one area, could quite happily pick up a twenty cent piece out of a strangers toilet bowl. I will admit to a couple.

Used bandaids, or sticking plasters. Yuk. I hate them, especially bad if spotted in a pool or a spa.

Pubic hair, well any human hair really, if it is not attached to a body. Animal hair worries me not an iota, but detached human hair is filthy, especially pubic hair. Ok, I was forced once to use a shower that had some floating hair in it, but it is so revolting. I'll give you a kiss if you can recall when and where that was. I did write about it and I promise to gargle Listerine first.

Towels, yours specifically. I reluctantly use other people's hand towels after washing my hands in their basins. I just touch the hand towel with the back and front of my hands but no way will I use their body drying towels for drying my hands or my body. I grew up in a household where the whole family shared towels and it never worried me. I just used whichever towel was the driest. Now, even R and I have separate towels, well, we have separate bathrooms, but even so, we have always had separate towels.

Speaking of R, he will quite happily give you a deep toungy kiss but don't ask him to share his glass, straw or cup.

Generally, though, I reckon we all need a good dose of germs, good and bad, to maintain our immune systems.

So come on, tell me about you cleanliness fetish. What a bit out of the ordinary in the area of cleanliness freaks you out?


  1. ha ha I heard that show, made me laugh.
    I'm with you on the other peoples' hair thing, I hate it so very much. Love living with a flatmate who doesn't clean up after he shaves, UGH UGH UGH! I don't even like my own hair hanging about, ooh it makes my skin crawl.

    When I was waiting for the surgeon the other day i was flicking through a RoyalAuto, and some cretin had stuck their cotton wool ball & sticky stuff that the doc puts on an injection site on the freakin magazine page. I almost threw it across the waiting room in fright!

    Ooh another thing, DANDRUFF. I hate seeing big drifts of it on peoples' shoulders. It makes me want to puke on them! Get some medicated shampoo ffs.


  2. ooh and I won't touch the handrails on escalators, too many people have touched them! Nasty.

  3. Anonymous11:18 pm

    Elevator buttons and public phones ewww!
    People's tooth brushes that have toothpaste all over them and sit in a cup in their bathroom. Eww!!!
    In a hospital, there are endless amounts of items that carry/transport bugs. That includes Doctor's ties. As they examine a patient, their tie touches the patient's linen or body. Then, on to the next patient and the next. Advice from yours truly if you are indeed a Doctor..use of a tie clip, or, wear a bow tie. That is if you like wearing ties.
    A toungy kiss from, priveledged much we are :) hehe

  4. I guess I'm pretty relaxed when it comes to germs and all that. But I cannot abide to certain things hanging next to eachother on the clothesline. I hang things joining eachother with pegs (there's so much washing and never enough pegs) and I have a real issue with a bathmat being hung with ANYTHING else, other than another bathmat. I know - they are clean, they've just been through the washer, but UGH! hang them on their own and away from everything else.

  5. CanNOT stand pressing the buttons to cross the pedestrian crossings, I use my stick or some strangers elbow instead :P

  6. Was funny Fen. Your magazine one is horrible. I would have flung it too. I find dandruff pretty awful too. Just to make it worse, it is also called scurf. Can't say handrails worry me. I expect they should.

    Yep Cazzie, toothpaste encrusted toothbrushes are not nice. Doctor's ties. I can see that could be a big problem. They should just do away with them. Lift buttons I often press with my knuckle. But unless I do it all the time, what is the point. Do you remember the old black phones that had a cupped mouthpiece and if someone had been talking for a long time, there would be a build up of condensation, probably containing GERMS.

    Perfect example Raelene. There is no logic to it. I was a shocker with the clothes line when we had one. Everything had to be a certain way.

    Hehe Jayne. I am surprised you don't kick the buttons like kids do.

  7. Anonymous3:52 pm

    Only problem I have is smelling other peoples bad breathe or being near them when the cough and sneeze.

    Otherwise I am ok up to my armpits cleaning the toilet bowls (with no gloves), picking up dog poo etc.

    No matter how hard we try and avoid germs you would be surprised at how many we come in contact with on a daily basis.

    And what about all those dead skin cells on the sheeting? Best not no think about those. eeeeeeewwwww!!!

  8. Not much I find grotty really. I have a fuckbuddy kicking around some place who is a hoarder. His house is filled to the brim with useless shit, most of it from the opshop, and all of it covered in 20 years worth of grime. No big deal though. Provided you keep the places you eat, shit and fuck looking tidy enough I'll go there. My house is clean though, I will admit - but look at it this way, if I'm prepared to plunge my tongue into your sphincter I can't really be too precious about the other stuff, can I?

  9. I refuse to eat out of the cat's dish but she doesn't seem to mind eating out of mine.
    Ex husband used to hand my knickers on the line by the crotch, very Freudian I always thought.

    Strangely enough I can live in my own squalor but draw the line at someone else's.

    I once gave up a wealthy boyfriend because he had blackheads in his ears.

    Dirty fingernails, I can almost see the germs waving at me.

    Probably better if I don't mention sex at all.

  10. That's 'hang' my knickers, also very Freudian.

  11. Anon, I have black sheets. I am quite aware of dead skin cells. Bad breath and BO are a big turn off for me.

    Mutant, please don't say it is the guy with the dolls. Re your last sentence, I so much wanted to use that as an illustration, but some of my readers are so nice.

    Pathetic Robert.

    Jahteh, blackheads in ears sound like a personal grooming issue. You were right at the time, but now??? I don't like dirty nails either but I make exceptions for tradie types. It is hard for them to keep them clean. It is honest dirt under their nails.

  12. I'm an only child so this didn't arise for me but I would have hated to wear an older brother's hand me down clothes, especially his underwear.

  13. I was the eldest Victor,so no a problem for me. Second hand clothes don't worry me, although underwear would.

  14. I have not seen your blog since being deleted on March 2 you fucking idiot and would never be commenting again except someone alerted me to this.

    If you're inventing comments from me bumboy BE VERY CAREFUL.
    And I ain't kidding.