Thursday, March 04, 2010

Trucks out of the right lane

It should have happened here years ago. I didn't think much of English road driving skills around town, but by golly, they walk all over us when it comes to motorways.

Slower cars, buses and trucks sit in the left lane at about 60mph and use the centre lane for overtaking.

Those travelling at the speed limit, 70mph, sit in the middle lane. The outside lane is for overtaking for those travelling in the middle lane and those who wish to exceed the speed limit.

It all seems to work with the smoothness of a Swiss watch rather than the mess that our motorways have become.

Banning trucks from the right hand lane on motorways is a step in the right direction.


  1. Makes perfect sense and is about time.

  2. Hi Andrew

    As a long-time resident and driver in the UK I have to say the standard of etiquette is generally much higher, especially in central London. If someone didn't stop to let you out of a side street, you'd most likely be there all day. Usually another driver will flash their lights from a fair distance to signify they are willing to let you in, so they don't have to stop or even slow down much.

    I have to admit, in the days before speed cameras I was a bit of a petrol head and would generally steer my tarty East Ender BMW straight into the inside lane of a motorway and cruise to my destination at 120mph. I don't know what it is in kms but it's fast, I know that. I never got booked and quite often passed police cars at that speed.

    I have been booked here for driving at 86kms in an 80km zone. That's okay. I probably deserve to get booked for SOMETHING. But what does get me is just how miserably mean other drivers are. Out in the countryside, we have short strips of temporary 'overtaking'lane opportunities. I have had cars pull into that lane rather than let me overtake them. They would be driving at 80 in a 100 zone and only speed up to 100 for the duration of this short stretch. Why?



  3. Only truckies will be protesting Jayne.

    Pants, I did not take much notice of driving in London, since we didn't. But driving in inner Melbourne is very much as you describe in London. There would be very long queues in side streets if drivers did not give a bit.

    Outside of London, I found the drivers overly polite and too cautious. Everyone wanted to give way to everyone else, regardless of rules. I suppose it is the English way. That does not include buses though. Everyone seemed to hate buses on the road and did what they could to hinder them.

    I know what you are saying about overtaking lanes. It is incredibly frustrating. My grandfather was guilty of that. I think drivers do it subconsciously, wider road, safer road, speed up a bit.

    With speed cameras on the motorways now, I doubt you would still be doing 200 kph in your Beemer now.

  4. Of course, the British motorway system works fine until someone decides for no particular reason to dig up one, sometimes two, of lanes, whereupon massive tailbacks ensue and it'd be quicker walking.

  5. "the British motorway system works fine until someone decides for no particular reason to dig up one, sometimes two, of lanes"

    People in glass trenches shouldn't throw stones.

  6. Brain, a few years ago now there was a story on tv from England about the problem of witches hats on motorways, seeming to serve no purpose other than disrupt traffic flow.

    Snigger at LS. Even moles know the futility of digging in Fleetwood.