Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spotting a cuckoo

I am not sure if it is still the case, but come the season of Spring to England, a letter would be published in The Times informing the readers of a sighting of the first cuckoo for the year. (Wonder where they winter? Costa del Sol?)

Come Autumn in Australia my favourite spotting distraction is watching or listening to the media for the first mention of an INDIAN SUMMER. Last night a television weather presenter announced we are now having an Indian Summer. He is possibly correct but in years past the definition has been applied very loosely. Two warm and sunny days do not an Indian Summer make, besides, successive days of 30 degrees is rather more like a normal summer and given we have not reached the Autumn Equinox, it really is still summer.


  1. yeh, i want the cold days back, i loved snuggling under my doona!!

  2. According to Melbourne's 6 seasons we're still in late Summer.
    Time to adopt these seasons officially, methinks.

  3. Nothing better Fen.

    That is a far more appropriate calendar Jayne and it confirms what I suggested, it is still summer.

  4. Its summer here alright - but the nights are cooler which is nice

  5. Anonymous9:11 am

    Are you refering to Brian Hughes - as being the first cuckoo spotted for spring?

  6. If the cap fits him......