Wednesday, March 17, 2010

On yer bike

I was home reasonably early last week, around 4.30pm. I don't like getting home at this time. I don't know what to do with myself until it is drinks and tv news time at six o'clock. I feel restless and unsettled. Of course being at work all day and not home for an extended lunch break meant I was hopelessly behind with matters of the internet, but I have realised that there is little on the net that can't wait.

One evening I sat on the balcony and watching the flashing of the red light camera down below as car after car ignored red lights and red arrows. I find it quite entertaining. More revenue to the state for more services and other things that I can enjoy. I also did a bit of a bicycle count. Between 5pm and 6pm I averaged eighteen bicycles per set of traffic lights through the intersection below. The full traffic light cycle is around two and half minutes. So, with some presses on the calculator buttons, I have come up with the figure of about 430 bicycles in that hour. Most impressive and if that is totally wrong, then it is the calculator's fault.

This is a huge increase in numbers since we moved here eight years ago. Although it can be difficult at times, pretty rarely for me really, to interact with cyclists on the road, I would rather have them on a bike than each of them in a car on all ready congested roads, or as passengers on crowded trams.

Good on yer bike riders. But please stay off St Kilda Road footpaths especially if you travel fast, lest you suffer a kick to your spokes from my partner as you pass by. He has been in the wrong place at the wrong time twice and had 'interactions' with cyclists travelling on footpaths at speed.


  1. That is excellent news, Andrew, and I echo the warning for them to stay off footpaths cos I'll screech in their ears til they can't hear the top register :P

  2. Remember in Picnic at Hanging Rock where one of the girls up the rock commented that the people just looked like ants...You're up pretty high...
    (In about 2000, we did a home video version of that called Picnic at Don Rock - he played little fat Eadie -and I was Mrs Appleart - of course Melissa was the French teacher and Ali Miranda - its brilliant! We didn't get to the people look like ants bit.

  3. Good on you Jayne. I don't mind them on footpaths if they travel very slowly.

    What a hoot MC. You should share it sometime.

  4. Cyclists shouldn't be on footpaths unless they're shared paths and even then they shouldn't be going at speed around people. It's awesome that so many people ride but we still need so much more done for cyclists to make things safer!

  5. Without a doubt Fen. More safety for cyclists, and then they won't need to be on footpaths.

  6. Anonymous9:06 am

    I'm surprised the cyclists actually stop at the lights down there in Melbourne - cause they shaw as hell don't up here in Sydney. I'm given to pushing them over when they nearly crash into me on pedestrian crossings. I just wished they would obey the road rules.

  7. For me it matters less about which laws they break, because they will always be many lawless cyclists, but that don't infringe on other people, be they pedestrians or motorists.