Monday, March 22, 2010

Matters of the Blog

When making a comment on a blog or when signing up to a site, you are often asked to read and type a jumble of letters. This jumble of letters has a name, but I forget what it is. Some are easy to read, some are not and some are impossible.

Now wouldn't you think if you type the letters wrongly, the next lot would be easier. You know, the program thinks, 'ah yeah, old person, bad eyesight, I will make it easier for them'. Nope, quite often the next lot is even harder to read.

I am often given to wondering why some people write blogs and some don't, even though they use a computer. If I think about myself, I use the computer and net for everything imaginable. When R's Sister and Bro in Law were visiting, they were quite amused when they were wondering about something and me jumping up and getting an immediate answer from the net. R's sister does email and can browse the web, but only when she has too. R is somewhere in between her and me. His main use is for email, banking, looking at property for sale and then whatever he needs to look up. Of course he would never be looking at cute dudes on the net.

I started reading blogs about 2000 I think. There was only one actually. I shan't link him, but he and many of you know who I am talking about. Eventually I started making comments, at first brief, but then I found the comments getting longer and longer and more detailed. I thought, maybe I have some things to say that will interest people. With a wee bit of direction by the original blogger, I started this one. Oh dear, this is sounding like an blog anniversary post. Never mind, as I say, it is my blog, I write what I want.

One post I once wrote questioned why couldn't I find older blog writers, people around my age and poof!, Lord Sedgwick appeared with a raggle taggle baggage of friends, rels and acquaintances and I came to know some people who I absolutely adore. Many others have come too, and some gone. Never mind, it was nice to know you briefly.

Pretty well without exception every commenter has always been nice. Some at times challenged me, and good on them, but they always did so in a nice way. It does come as a surprise to me, but I am not always right.

Just to conclude, and this is directed at one person who comments at times but does not have a blog, all I ask of any commenter is that they not insult me and more importantly not insult or abuse people who make comments on my blog. You would not think that was too hard, but someone seems to find it to be quite a challenge.

The last para is probably a mistake. You shouldn't give attention to those who indulge in attention seeking behaviour.


  1. A 'raggle taggle baggage' got me to a t but not so much of the old, that's MiLord's department.

  2. Yeah, well, I sometimes leave very long essay type(s) of comments, and other times I am very brief. I guess you know that :)
    At one time I did have the word verification thingy added to my comment section, but I took your advice and got rid of the stupid thing... it is easier for the commentor then.
    People who cannot write anything nice ought to extract digits from their keyboard...unless what they write is constructive and/or valid..still, there is no reason to be rude!

  3. Anonymous3:54 am

    The only weird comment I ever got was from a crazed Michael Buble fan when I suggested he wasn't looking as good in his suits anymore and that there was a young crooner called Matt Dusk on his heels. She even came back for more!

  4. You left your "Wankers are Welcome" doormat out again, DrewAn? :P

  5. Jahteh, you are refinement personified.

    Cazzie, I have turned the word verification on for anything older than a week. It helps with spam.

    Haha Scott. Some enraged old granny.

    You try to give people a chance Jayne.

  6. I say, it is my blog, I write what I want........

    and so you should - I like reading/peeking in through a little window into peoples minds - kinda makes me feel dirty - but it's there - so I read.

    Andrew some people are never happy, not online, not in real life - don't let them hurt you - you have many who enjoy popping in and commenting - or even just reading - maybe too lasy or the brain is not working.

    That does happen to me sometimes!

    Keep it up!

  7. I think it's great that you distinguish between those commenters that challenge you, and those that are just plain rude. Although sometimes it's hard to tell the difference.

    I've had people tell me I'm odd, and stuff like that. I'm not sure to take it as constructive criticism, or an insult. I kind of just see it as they're stating the obvious.

    Here's a funny thing. I've only deleted two comments that weren't spam. One was a relative to a relative, and I was afraid it would start a family fight. But the other one hurt my feelings, and I didn't like where the discussion was going. So I deleted it. The commenter and I worked things out, and made peace. Now she's one of my best friends.

    So, the moral is....

    Well, I don't know what the moral is.

    Maybe I'll just say sometimes situations like that have good outcomes.

  8. I live for the comments.

  9. "...all I ask of any commenter is that they not insult me and more importantly not insult or abuse people who make comments on my blog."

    I'm sayin' nowt then.

  10. Bugger me (figure of speech only) if you don't believe this but I've never had a negative comment. I don't get that many, but with the crap I write, I expect to be skewered and it just never happens.

  11. Quite so IAS. Blogs are personal and you write what you want to. I do like blogs where you find out a bit about people and their lives.

    Not sure if you know who I am talking about Dina. I recall he made some comment about your breasts somewhere. I am sure they are very fine, but it was an inappropriate comment. As you say, your blog, delete if it is not good.

    But you are so nice Stephen. I am sure you don't get negative comments.

    Brian, I did not realise how bad he was.

    You are a nice bloke Lad. You have to be a bit controversial to get nasty comments. Ah, thinking back, you did get some critical comments but that was confusion of fantasy and reality....I think.

  12. I too use the 'net for everything, if it's ever not working then there's big trouble. My favourite answer to questions at work from colleagues is "oh just google it"! Google knows everything, well, almost.

    And you're right, it's your blog and you can write what you damn well want and moderate it however you see fit. Keep up the good work :)

  13. Thanks Fen. Where would be without Google?

  14. I've always been impressed by the solid of core of regular followers to your blog. I'm happy to have become one too.

  15. Salt of the earth they are Victor, salt of the earth.

  16. Hey,

    I love it when people compliment my breasts.

  17. But sorry that he's being offensive to you and your friends.

  18. We'll live Dina.

  19. Anonymous12:08 am

    Bugger - being totally lacking in Social Skills, do I give people the shits?

  20. Not at all Michael. You always come up with something interesting in your comments. Most welcome.

  21. Sorry old boy: paranoia week. Forget about it.

  22. It's called CAPTCHA.

    Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.

  23. That's it Nanna, thanks. I never knew what the letters stood for.