Saturday, March 20, 2010

The kid

Oh how I worry that Little Jo is too smart and too advanced for her own good. Extreme cleverness can often come with mental frailty. She does not always understand, but I am able to have a conversation with her. Her timelines can be wrong, as can the details, but the essence of what happened is there. I have learned that she can be very manipulative, but I think that is par for the course at her age of two and three quarters.

We bought her some wooden blocks with pictures to make up on each side of the blocks. It was rated for three year olds. It took R five minutes to put the blocks together to make a picture. Little Jo is more interested in stacking the blocks.

She stacked some blocks for Nana Fud (Mother). This is Uncle Andrew's and Uncle R's tall house, and the proceeded to knock the blocks down. Ouch! I questioned Sister. No, I have never said anything about you living in a tall house. She has worked that out herself.

It is not easy, even for us at times, to see exactly where we live in the building from the outside, and once I was tempted to try and point out where we lived in the building from the outside to Little Jo, but nah, too hard. However, it seems she has at least worked out that where we live is very tall.

Little Jo refuses to go out unless she has a dress on. Sister very occasionally wears a dress. The Bone Doctor, never. We would laugh if we saw Bone Doctor in a dress. Boys don't wear dresses.

Sister is very indulgent with Little Jo. I would be a good bit harder. Not an option Little Jo, do as you are told. Seems parenting has changed since I was parented. I have mixed views on the way children are brought up now, but when I see young children hugged and cuddled and receive so much love, that can't be wrong.


  1. of course she is smart - she has active-parenting by a couple who wanted her and care.
    sprogs of heteros*xuals don't always get that.
    You are now TallHouser

  2. Enjoy her for this time.

    If you want to see what she could turn into, I invite you to come to Mentone at 3.30 on a school day. They're all monsters whether they come from St Bede's, Mentone Grammer, Kilbreda or Mentone Secondary College. Horrible little beasts, they'd be right at home in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.

  3. Little Jo will rule the world without any probs ;)

    I'm happy to take Dad in his wheelchair down to Mentone and run over them like I do to the she-beasts in Oakleigh, J ;)

  4. "Boys don't wear dresses."

    Speak for yourself, Shirl. I'd never step outside without my Zandra Rhodeskill hockey tunic with the flyaway panel.

  5. Tallhouser did occur to me too Brownie. Now if only we owned the whole tall house.

    And Jahteh, aren't they just the worst bullies to each other too.

    Jayne, if she turns out like Sister, her ruling the world is scary. Anything you can do to shut the she-beasts up is fine with me.

    LS, there does come a time when you pass from being a boy in a dress to sad old cross dresser. Take care.

  6. if chris*cross was a cross-dresser and got angry he would be chris*cross the cross cross-dresser.

    I tried to work cous-sous into that and failed ...

  7. How about working out something about Terry the tranny.

  8. there once was a tranny named Terry
    who rode on the big Manly ferry.
    The breeze made a mess
    of his pink chiffon dress
    and the seagulls all shat in his

  9. Absolutely brill Brownie. Give him a nudge and make sure he reads it.

  10. thank you TallHouser.
    Protocol prevents me from nudging the
    vice-regal personage though.

    Is TV crap tonight? I am watching Transporter with Jason Statham, and watched him yesterday in The Bank Job. he sure is mean lookin.

  11. Anonymous1:18 am

    You are witness to something so wonderful, the development of a little person, how gorgeous she is :)
    Hugga and kisses and praising the good is the order of the day.

  12. Crap is a good word for it Brownie. Also tired after day of socialising.

    Praising is important Cazzie, so I have heard recently. I will do so.