Friday, March 26, 2010


PM Krudd's attention to detail is often noted and his lack of delegating also often mentioned. It seems he did delegate the very subsidised home insulation scheme to Minister Garrett. Minister Garrett seems to have not attended to detail at all and absolutely disgraced himself, his ministry and the government.

Would not Minister Garrett have an army of public servants at his beck and call? What were they doing while insulation installers were electrifying houses and killing people, cutting batts in half, not covering where they were supposed to, installing lower rating batts, using imported batts that don't meet our standards and generally ripping everyone off? Ah, capitalism, don't you just love when it is allowed to be free and unfettered by any rules and regulations.

I took this photo the day after the cancellation of the subsidised insulation scheme came into force. I reckon they are going to a warehouse somewhere for storage. Like tulips in the seventeenth century, insulation batts are now worthless.

Just a personal note. Mother's house has double roof insulation. It was installed nearly forty years ago. I expect it needs replacing. I have only recently learnt that she was eligible for the scheme. We will see what comes up in the next scheme.


  1. Agree. Same thing is occurring in Julia's BER programme. Bloody builders and their cronies are ripping the government (the people) off with their inflated quotes and overheads. These quotes are accepted by our shonky state government and yet the Feds cop the shit that flies.

    But all the poor workmanship and crooked dealings (like onselling lists of people installed under the old scheme) are done by other Australians! And we then blame the government ...

  2. You'd have thought they would've set some standards for these things, to stop shonky dealings, but obviously not. I got a phone call 2 days before they canned it all saying we were eligible! HAH! At least now my house won't burn down *touch wood*

  3. Hmmm, I do not like it when I hear of the houses burning, and people are scared out there, rightly so.
    Good snap there Andrew... would be a good front page pic for a newspaper.

  4. Off topic, Andrew, but re your comment on my blog just now.

    Andrew, aah ... noted ... but I need YOU to tell me in what way different, otherwise I am just perpetuating my own conjecture. The woman is my great-grandmother, Sarah Annie Cole, nee Evans (1866-1945).

  5. The BER scheme sounded poorly conceived from the beginning Julie. Tradespeople will always try to rip off the government. They have been doing so since at least housing commission houses were built.

    Fen, just guessing, but is it possible to insulate your place?

    Cazzie, I should have gotten in quickly and sold it to newspapers.

    Replied now Julie.

  6. Yeah you can insulate upstairs in the roof. I've checked oop the manhole, it's dead empty in there!

  7. They couldn't hold a chook raffle and get it right and hey ...guess what no one will ever be accountable at all at all. In some Countries Garret and his minions would be up on charges - not just the installers.

  8. Should be done then Fen.

    Whichever political persuasion MC, governments seem to do these things badly.