Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy birthday to R

It is R's birthday. With great use of my imagination, I bought him a bottle of single malt scotch and a couple of gold class movie tickets. What does he need?

We celebrated his birthday yesterday at the Brighton Antique Dealers. Her barbecue had blown up so she had bought a shiny new model, plumbed in. The dyke friends, the brother friend's BAD's toyboy, the ex NT Politician friend, the Mountain Women, Dame M's ex boarder and his female hairdresser friend and assorted dogs all helped him to celebrate. Birthdays seem to stretch out now. We will have another dinner out with Sister, Bone Doctor and Little Jo this week and then next weekend another joint birthday celebration with Mother for her day and R again.

I can't think of the name of the birthday cake, but is is a soft chocolate mixture, not cake at all, and light. The two pavs were great, as was all the food for the afternoon. Before we knew, five hours had passed and we left.

Oh yes, I asked BAD if she had a cake stand and she ducked to the front of the shop and grabbed one, price tag still on, a steal at $175. BAD has had some of her gay artistic friends in and has redecorated and a fine job they have done too. They certainly decluttered and made a small lounge room very much more spacious. I am not a great one for chandeliers but they added a huge one to her lounge room and it just works so well. Sixteen clear incandescent candle globes burning merrily away.

The far pav had a topping containing Frangellico?


  1. Wowie and wowie yum yum.

    Guess we'll have to change your name from TallHouser to Widearser.

  2. Happy birthday to R



  3. Many Happy Returns to Mr R ;)

  4. Anonymous11:53 pm

    Oh, I'm drooling...God I miss pavs. Vik.

  5. Mmmm, I am So hungry!

  6. And..of course, Happy Birthday to R :)

  7. Jahteh, I am not much for such things, but they were very nice, all of them.

    Thanks Pants. I'll pass it on and he will say who? I will say that lady from London who moved back to Aus via India.

    The first sentence as above Jayne, except I will just use another name.

    No pav in your town Vik? I see a marketing opportunity. I will bring some pav cases.

    Cazzie, like for Pants and Jayne, except, the one with three kids who works at the hospital.

  8. 2 days in arrears, Happy Birthday R. I love cake, very jealous that there were 3 of them!

  9. I should have saved you a piece Fen. Hang on, there is still some in the fridge. Drop by.

  10. ZOMG it's 11am and I now have to go hunting for a Pav! Happy Birthday R!

  11. Evol, I am thinking I may be responsible for a spike in the consumption of pavs.