Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bellarine Peninsula Pt 2

Where were we, ah yeah, R's jeans. He hung them under cover. The rain teemed down and the drains failed to cope. Water started lapping around our feet. Then the house gutters overflowed and poured all over R's nearly dry jeans. We laughed muchly.

We adjourned inside. The visitors were very nice and their teenage kids great with Little Jo. The daughter is very clever and often called upon as a school age media spokesperson. I will look out for her name in the future. The husband was the nominated driver and behaved. Can't say the same for the rest of us. It wasn't a late night though. We were in bed by 10.30.

I love the warbling of magpies, but hey there are a lot of them down that way and gee they were noisy in the morning. R dried his jeans in the clothes dryer.

There were two water tanks outside. Previous rain had filled one that was connected to the gutters and with a syphon hose we moved half the water to the other tank. The overnight rain should have filled the first tank up to the top and with the syphon we could have equalised them both at 75% full, except the syphon hose fell out of the second tank and emptied it onto the lawn. Best laid plans.......

After cereal and toast we went to Queenscliff. If you are posh, Queenscliffe. We were not unfamiliar with Queenscliff as a few years ago when Sister lived in Geelong, we and our Brother Friends visited her and then went to Queenscliff and caught the ferry to Sorrento. There are some lovely old buildings in Queenscliff and it is a terminus for an historic railway line. Of course I wanted to see a steam engine depart. But first,

I am over typing Qcliff. So Q. Q has a new marina, lots of smart buildings. It is controversial, but I don't know enough about it to comment, other than there are now lots of smart and sleek boats and nary a beaten up fishing boat or a 'cuta boat to be seen. Sister told me I must research the 'cuta boats. Does sound interesting. One restaurant has opened but it was a bit too early in the general construction process for it to be thriving. Nevertheless the viewing tower was drawing the people. I must say, it was great and free, and with lifts for the lazy or old. I did not argue when R headed for the lift, while Sister, Bone Doctor and Little Jo took the stairs. The views were good.

Onto the historic train station to see the steam engine depart. Nope, steam engine damaged by rain or hail. Substitute by an old diesel electric. Still good to watch. What is that noise? A starter motor, and then the diesel engine burst into life. The engine started, slowly taking up the slack between the carriage connections and away it went with much waving.

A bit before a white van had come along the railway on train wheels, stopped, raised the train wheels and drove off the track on rubber tyres.

We walked up to the Queenscliff shops and kind of separated, rejoined, separated and rejoined again. R and I took in a couple of galleries and took Little Jo into a lolly shop where we scooped up a bag full for Little Jo, much to Sister's disapproval. I scooped up my own bag full, chocolate covered aniseed rings and chocolate covered liquorice bullets.

Religion is dying off, as proved by the church we sat outside of and took coffee and cake. The adjacent church had turned their vestry into a second hand book sale. Plan was to buy rolls for lunch to go with some left over meat, but suddenly we felt chilly and ended up buying pies. We were no sooner out of the bakery and it started to rain. Back to Sister's and et lunch and then while Little Jo was taking her afternoon nap, we left and headed for home.

Now the photos. The observation tower. It is not tall, but nor is anything else, so it doesn't need to be.

The marina with Swan Bay in the background. Note how fast the water is flowing in the channel between the bay and the open sea.

The Queenscliff to Sorrento ferry had just arrived and was starting to reload cars and folk.

Sister, why is the light house a dark colour? It should be white. Brother, there is a white lighthouse too. Line the white one and the dark one up and you can navigate.

Just because it is a sparkling pretty picture.

At the Station. Shall we round that to say 68 miles.

An old sign at the Station. Outside of the boundaries for the old sign project.

Why did the steam engine fail because of the previous nights heavy rain? Did the coal get wet or the funnel fill with water? The ever reliable diesel was ready and raring to go. While some of you will know, some of you won't, a diesel electric train is powered by electric motors. The electricity for the motors is generated by the running of the diesel motors. The diesel motors do not drive the train wheels.

They make very good coffee at this redundant church. Like niece, like uncle, another Cameraface in the making.


  1. I was taught links and chains at school but blowed if I can remember their value or hierarchy now.

  2. Ice cream is a health food and a food group all on its own.

  3. Oh this brought back loads of memories except for the Marina and tower but the boys would have loved that.

  4. "...chocolate covered aniseed rings and chocolate covered liquorice bullets..."

    I feel sick.

  5. Twenty two chains to the mile. Don't forget it young Mr Victor.

    Not sure that it includes Peters though Jayne. It was a bit ordinary.

    You do get around Jahteh.

    I have achieved some good today then Brian.

  6. Think sister and the Bone Doctor over did the 'Curlypet'.

    Anyone else old enough to remember that pre-dating curling wands criminal tonsorial product?

  7. I had forgotten the product but hers is all natural.

  8. You didn't say what the funny building was at the end of the Pier so I will. The big lifeboat used to be launched straight into the sea from there and not on a bright sunny day like this. Think of the gale we had the other day and at night. It's just been restored instead of pulled down so Mr Madden must have been on holidays.

  9. Don't talk to me about boat sheds at the end of wharves, ala Shed 9 at Docklands where dance parties used to be held.

  10. Thanks for the tour - never been there but maybe one day - It looks like a nice place - I think I would cry if I accidentally emptied one of my tanks - three of them are all full now so I have plenty but I know one day it'll be all needed and it really costs to get it tankered in. Love the mop of curls on your niece's head

  11. The curls will probably be a curse in her opinion later MC. Apart from lawn, all they have to water is a solitary lemon tree.