Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The annual dread

I am sure I have done this before, that is criticised what I have to do every year. I must attend a work training course to teach me how to do the job I have been doing for thirty plus years.

I tried to maintain an interested face for the goings on, but a close workmate suggested that I was looking very bored. My way of dealing with it was to keep my mouth shut. Maybe some thought I was snobbish, maybe some thought I was very quiet, maybe some thought I was being superior. But by keeping your mouth shut, no one thinks you are a fool. Ho ho. In my blog I open my mouth and you know I am a fool.

Normally at such training courses there is a fool, one who talks absolute nonsense and wants to aggrandise him or herself with work tales and personal ancedotes and take the whole thing ever so seriously. Perhaps in a way you could call it venting. Such people vent at work often enough. I would have thought that was enough to get it out of their system.

But this time the course was a cracker. There were four of them, all competing for space and attention. I tried desperately to not roll my eyes as they opened their mouths. I carefully examined every power point and communication connection. I know the screens in the room and outside in great detail. I had suspicions that the person who was standing and lecturing might have been wearing a wig. I concentrated hard but I am not sure. Only two of the guys were vaguely attractive. I thought about what it would be like to have some fun with them. Another who I lusted after years ago is now ever so old.

Ok, I will fess that there were a couple of interesting bits today, a total of ten minutes perhaps but generally, I just did not want to be there.


  1. The one eyed man in the valley of the blind...

  2. Goodness me it's late, but I saw this: The annual dread, and thought, oh-ho, the Grand Prix!

  3. I am sorry for you Andrew...
    what we do for our jobs!

  4. I've got training days coming up at both the organisations where I volunteer.

    I expect to replicate your experiences at both days.

    Unfortunately the volunteer age group at both places is such that lustful daydreaming is just that...daydreaming.

  5. You should learn some poetry to recite to yourself, Andrew, much better use of your time :P

  6. "people must be taught as if you taught them not, and things unknown proposed as things forgot" alexander pope

  7. Anonymous4:39 pm

    I know how you feel Andrew - they do the same at my work. But I politely decline their invitations these days and if they insist I go, then I will chuck a sickie on the day. I think they have got the hint now.

    Like you have done it all before and can't see the point in doing it again.

  8. You think I am harsh Brian?

    Oh yes RH. Another annual dread.

    All over now Stephen, forgotten....until next time.

    Yes Victor, I suppose it is the nature of the orgnisation that it doesn't have young people.

    Jayne, how about 'the boy stood on the burning deck'?

    Poet, wise words from Pope.

    I wish it was optional Anon. We must do it. A sickie would only delay it.

  9. Andrew,

    Not at all. I've been on enough training courses/awareness days etc in my time to know what an utter waste of time and money they are. But they keep management off the streets, I suppose.

  10. And justify their existence.

  11. Haha, yes, there will always be one person like that, but to have encountered four of them... I am just plain sad for them :(

  12. Never mind them Cazzie, I am the one to feel sorry for.

  13. Ah yes, my employer runs these things as well, exactly as you describe.

    The problem with the loudmouths is that it discourages the normal people from providing any input, as they either cannot get a word in or will just be one-upped.

    Plus if the fuckwits kept their mouths shut you would probably be going home 30 mins earlier.

  14. Wishing they would shut up and we could go home earlier was very much on my mind Andy.