Sunday, February 21, 2010

Vic Roads Coup

I was excited. I thought I would bring you breaking news about a coup by Vicroads over City of Stonnington. That is Vicroads installing clearway signs in High Street, a street they have control over, against City of Stonnington who want present restrictions to remain.

From my observations of travelling along High Street today, dominant Clearway signs have been erected and minor signs bagged or covered up or altered.

Yet, I was very confused about what b/f told me, more confused when I watched the eventing news and even more confused when friends confirmed that it was the work of City of Stonnington.

Maybe it is like this. Vicroads put up big clearway signs, I think. Then council came along and covered all the the other signs up?

I am just so not understanding. What is the point?

Don't park in clearways tomorrow in High Street, but otherwise it is a free for all. No time limit at all.

Signed, St Kilda Road confused.


  1. Having not seen the latest developments coz I'm at work, I know the Stonnington council was opposing the introduction of the clearways as they would severely impact businesses. They were going to take it to court, from memory.

  2. Anonymous3:10 am

    Free? haha, you know, when I get out of work today (0730hrs) the ticket woman will be out there lurking around the cars, waiting for 0730 to arrive..then bang, $65 fine in the mail :( That's revenue for ya

  3. Just use your push's so much simpler.

  4. Fen evidently the signs will stay covered up until the court decision.

    Cazzie, a good reason to say no I can't stay any later.

    No along High Street Brian. Too dangerous.

  5. Did you know the mayor of Stonnington is only 26? Good on him I say!

  6. I don't like him at all Fen. In a couple of years he will be running for politics for the Liberal Party. Just a stepping stone for him and he is out there to get his name known.

  7. Isn't that what they all do? He's Gen Y, at least he's doing something ;)

  8. Well said, Andrew.

  9. well now it is wednesday 4 days after your post and the TV news tonight showed all the brawling and the cars being towed - I thought 'Aha! a second Eureka Rebellion!'
    there's a limit to what people will tolerate.

    I hope Cazzie doesn't get delayed hitting the street before the ticketers start earning their wages.

  10. I went along High Street tonight Brownie. I rejoiced in seeing a large black 4wd on the back of a tow truck with a pink slip under its wiper as well. The new rules are inconveniencing blonde Armadale ladies who lunch, shop and go to gym by car all within a kilometre of their home.

  11. It's a shopkeepers grizzle, an old story, cash registers can never be full enough. They pull all the strings at the local town hall, it's a farce, a puppet show.