Monday, February 01, 2010

This week's flowers

More than one week's flowers really. The lilies were extraordinary. They cost $5 and lasted almost two weeks. I think the weather was hot and so the air con on for much of the time. R cuts the stamens out of them so they don't drop staining yellow pollen everywhere. Don't men live longer if their sex bits are chopped off?

These flowers are crammed into the (badly wrapped) vase I bought R for cmas. He only used it to show his approval. Later the flowers were better arranged in a wider neck vase and two weeks later, they are a looking sad but still tolerable.


  1. If I got de-knackered I'd probably buy flowers. I do love the colour, even now. And that's the GREAT CONUNDRUM: aesthetics v the old in-and-out. You can't have both, D.H. Lawrence proved it.

    Yes well thinking it over, I'd prefer a short life and a dirty one.

  2. Men's bits being chopped off is called an Orchidectomy (no, they do not remind me of delicate hot-house plants) and men have a high mortality rate after losing their 'orchids' post-prostate cancer.

  3. Love the pretty petals!!!

  4. RE: "Don't men live longer if their sex bits are chopped off?" Might live longer, not sure of the facts there, but I reckon it may be that is just SEEMS a hell of a lot longer... :)

  5. "Don't men live longer if their sex bits are chopped off?"

    Hitler had one of his bollocks shot off in the First World War, and he didn't exactly make it to a ripe old age, so apparently not.

  6. Anonymous7:12 pm

    I saw the lilies and the first thing I though was "be careful they don't stain your shirt". I'd never thought about turning them into eunuchs before - what a great idea!

  7. Anonymous8:15 pm

    I bought a bunch of the second lot of flowers you have there. I have no idea what they are, although they lasted quite well. I was warned that they would exude a milky substance that many people are allergic to when I cut the stalks. Sure enough- they did, but only immediately after I cut them. They didn't cloud up the water at all after that. I'd never seen them before- they reminded me a bit of poinsettias in that the leaves themselves were the "flower".

  8. I love the smell of the lillies, especially at night.

  9. Jayne, they die from what? I like a pretty petal too Jayne.

    Good point Raelene.

    I knew he was missing one Brian, but I did not know how.

    Scott, it does not seem to worry them at all. In fact they lasted so long, I wonder if it helped.

    Judge, I have no idea what they are either. I should have checked when I bought them. Not dramatic, but a bit different. You just reminded me of milky sap when you cut a fig tree and it irritates the skin.

    I do too AR. Not all smell though. I don't think this lot did.