Thursday, February 11, 2010

Premier Turnbull

This man for Premier of New South Wales? As a rusted on Labor voter who has been doused with 'green' Penetrol, I could never vote Liberal. But if I lived in NSW I may well consider voting for Malcolm Turnedball, should he seek a state seat and run for Premier. I think he would win handsdown and to be in charge of our largest and richest state surely is as important as being a Federal backbencher.

He is a rare politician in that he uses public transport, or used to. He was a regular bus user in eastern Sydney and I recall when he had an appointment in one of Melbourne's far south eastern suburbs, he caught the Pakenham train. Regardless, NSW politics, bureaucracy and government owned authorities needs a good stiff broom to tear through the terrible build up of cow dung.

Btw, if you think a tram light rail extension to Dulwich Hill would be good, or more importantly in my area of personal interest, a tram from Central to Circular Quay, then take a vote at


  1. I can't fathom why they ever wanted a peanut like that as leader. He's another Andrew PeaCOCK.

  2. I agree with you Andrew, as I can tolerate Mr T.
    He is highly intelligent, and a Force To Be Reckoned With.
    He wants to be PM and I am sure he will succeed.
    Abbotts green lycra bike shorts photo has destroyed his credibility with all the 52% women voters, so he will not ever lead the country.
    Mr T will just wait, like a fox.
    Visit Veni Vidi Blogi for Phill's post and link to a great piece on Malcolm at The Times.

    disclaimer: in 40 years of voting, I have never been Liberal.

  3. I'll be betting on the lycra shorts, women want balls not brains.

  4. The NSW Government is in very low esteem and there is a powerful desire to throw them out next year yet the opposition remains as unattractive an option as ever.

    Turnbull may be more attractive to some voters than O'Farrell but I'm not sure he would be attractive enough across the state to get his party over the line.

    Turnbull is my federal MP and I would certainly prefer him to be my state MP than the incumbant, former state leader, Peter Debnam.

  5. An alternative to your liking RH?

    Oh Ann, he is a very clever writer and knows very clever writers.

    Ah Victor, Debnam is still around. Your first para, yes, I understand that. I never gave a thought to the rest of NSW. I see, it could well be difficult.

  6. Sorry, I don't know what you mean.

  7. RH, state who would be a better leader of NSW?

  8. Miz Panz (Way of the Pear) might do a good job, but truthfully I don't know

  9. Maybe they should bring back Bob Askin.

  10. Here's a question for you: how much of their 20% margin will the heroic worker's party drop at Altona tomorrow. I'm tipping 10%. The Greens will get hammered too. There's a lot of poms living there you know. "Where's me fooken train!"

  11. Where's me fooken train. Priceless. Ms Pantaloons is old and bitter and rarely reads my blog and probably takes no notice of you. I hope Labor get hammered tomorrow, but it won't. Who else to vote for.

  12. Who else to vote for. Indeed.

  13. Channel Nine News:

    Reporter: "You must be disappointed with the result." [12% swing against the government]

    Brumby: " was quite a good result actually."

    Liar. Crook. Cheat.