Thursday, February 11, 2010

Not hot in the bedroom

The new fans in our bedrooms work well. We have left the air con off overnight and it is plenty cool enough for sleeping. It helps that the apartment is already cool when we switch off the air con and go to bed.

It took one sparky and his apprentice about two hours to install all three. I made sure I grabbed the three old incandescent light bulbs from the removed fittings. While it saves us throwing them out, but oddly the sparky took took one old oyster complete light fitting away and one shade but left us with one complete one.

I knew I would not like the light given out by the new fan/light and I don't. It is a circular fluorescent tube and gives out a very cold light. I rarely use the overhead light, so it does not matter too much. I am not paying for a warmer fluoro tube until the present needs replacing and since it is seldom used, that could be a long time.

There was some unpainted ceiling where the old lights were removed and a couple of screw holes, so I had to patch and paint. I did it straight away as it is easier while the beds were not below the fans. Never know the difference now.

Tradies being what they are, I had some fingermarks to clean off the ceiling and off the initially installed fan blades. They were more careful with the subsequent ones. In these days of plastic everything, the fan blades are painted timber. Not sure why but I like the idea.


  1. 'cold light' sounds good with the temps we have been enduring, and fluoro uses very little electricity.

    10/10 for quick thinking on the cleaning too.
    My senile father has fans in 4 rooms - the kind with NO light. so there isn't any light ... ya win some, ya lose some.

  2. I miss having a ceiling fan, though the pedestal fan I have does the trick on those hot nights.

  3. I laughed at no lights Ann.

    Fen, I would think they would be just as good, although we did have one years ago and the noise annoyed us. Prob quieter now.

  4. I need to invest in something similar.

    Weeks of endless hot and still nights and days of excrutiating humidity this summer have taken their toll on me.

    I have no air conditioning other than to open windows.

  5. Except this morning Jayne, I woke up hot in bed with a cold face. I should have turned it off during the night.

    Not so bad in Sydney Victor. Humid sea breezes aren't so bad. You don't get the killer dry heat we do. But yes, you should get one at least. Excuse to get a tradie in too.

  6. Great! I love the roman blinds and feature wall BTW.I am NOT missing the Australian summer!

  7. Thanks Scott. We are happy with the feature wall colour. That is the spare bedroom which R took originally and fitted the Roman blind over venetians and then did the same when he moved into the next room. My room only has the venetians. I was broke at the time and I had two windows to furnish.