Thursday, February 11, 2010

Not fun

I got the short end of the straw. Sister delivered Mother to the Eye and Ear Hospital for a check up and I took Mother home. Sounds ok, but what happened in Melbourne at 4pm when we sitting in Hoddle Street? Hoddle Street turned into a river because of a storm.

One and half hours to get her home only took about half an hour longer than it should and one hour and five minutes for me to get home was about twenty minutes longer than it should. I think I did not do so badly. It could have been worse.


  1. a lot of flooding is caused by the drains being blocked up with plastic bottles and aluminium cans (or autumn leaves), and is avoidable.
    I recall fondly, the old days when there were lotsa guys working for councils as street sweepers. They cleaned up everything all the time, and were very good for dissemination of information from shop to shop in retail areas.

  2. All the drains blocked up in my street and suddenly I had a WATERFRONT PROPERTY! bumping up the value of my little hovel (Termite Mansions) by about $200,000 I reckon. The sale would need to be quick.

  3. yeah apparently i had a pool out the back, unfortunately I wasn't home to play in it!

  4. Ann, you would well remember St Kilda Road flooding, it still does. Even Caroline Springs flooded, a new suburb which should have good drainage.

    RH, fine line between the street looking interesting and it suddenly becoming a problem as it nears your door.

    Ah well Fen, sounds like you had fun in water elsewhere.

  5. Oakleigh railway subway flooded AGAIN.

  6. It watered my front garden, very convenient. You should have a look at Victoria Street Footscray where the train passes overhead, there's a dip underneath that fills with every downpour.
    Incidentally, I've wanted to buy that corner house beside the lines from the time I first saw it. No neighbours: perfect.

  7. Yep, and I bet Caulfield did too. I saw two others today that were flooded. Also the South Melbourne car one, marvellous to see a taxi sitting in the water with water up to the top of its doors. Plus the one RH mentions.


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