Saturday, February 06, 2010

Music of my Yoof #99.94

I can't remember when I first heard this song. Maybe the sixties or the seventies. It was played often on the radio so I suppose it was 'in the charts' at the time. I had no understanding of Irish politics or the 'troubles' but it was a catchy little song. This is only a short piece of the full song, which is not very long anyway.


  1. because of my Nana, I knew from an early age that 'Orange' and 'Presbyterian' were associated.
    Her Scottish Grandparents were 'High Orange' John Knox adherents. He was 17thC Presbyterian founder and a lot of violence was involved.
    Happy little songs often have deeply political meaning, as in "whistling Dixie" being outlawed (but we all know that one day The South will rise again).

  2. MS, so problems in Scotland too. I vaguely recall a program about and with David Tennant referring to it.