Thursday, February 04, 2010


I cannot expunge it from my past. I lived in Moe for year or so. Explains a lot hey. While your mental image of Moe is probably partly correct, Moe is not all bad. Some people were even quite proud of the town and there was much to be proud of. Council elections used to be hard fought between Tories and Labor. There were some posh shops and Mrs Slocombe types. There was an active historical society. It is rather sad that that a response to mentioning Moe now is rather than where is it, as it used to be, to now be 'oh'.

Its image certainly wasn't helped this week by a woman who managed to get her five year old lad drunk, .09, by feeding him shots of grappa. Yes, there are people like her in Moe, but don't judge the city just by the media portrayal.


  1. Leave Moe alone, it's a pokies town. No one's got any dough.
    Pawn shops thrive in Las Vegas, Op shops in Moe. In Moe they don't even got things to pawn.

  2. Just sad that the scum of the earth were washed into town with the last flood of dipshytes doing an exodus from the city (the flood was also the last time any of them had a decent bath, too).

  3. Yes well all their dough goes on the pokies. No wonder they're distilling moonshine. So where do you think half of St Kilda went to live after they were chased out by the latte set? They went to Moe, Morwell, Traralgon: old SEC housing. Mind you, don't imagine the locals already there got worried, rural bogans top city bogans any day.

  4. Were you among the Mrs Slocombe types? ;p

  5. Moe seemed OK the one time I went there. Morwell seemed worse - the main street was pretty much dead on a weekday afternoon.

    I met someone from Traralgon a while ago and they couldn't help making Moe jokes about a lot of things.

  6. Must have changed a lot since I was there RH.

    Jayne, I felt kinda sorry for her. She is clearly stupid and has a big alcohol problem, but her ex said she was a wonderful mother when she was sober. I did not feel so happy when I learnt that there were two previous orders on her. If she can get good treatment, I think things might be ok.

    Good call Evol, comparatively at least.

    Somebody, Morwell is very spread out and the commercial area is divided by the train line. I know Traralgon well enough. They are not in a position to sneer at Moe.

  7. Andrew from the early 1980s into the 90s my then father-in-law drove his own taxi in Moe, that's how I know the place a bit. I still hear about some of the crowd living there, but stay clear of them.

  8. Alcoholic rehab is a revolving door, Andrew, doesn't matter if the place is good or bad it's the head space the person is in that makes or breaks the detox.
    Plus, she's got to swap the addiction for another, safer addiction, like coffee, tea, cordial, etc.

  9. I must be getting old, but RH, your Dad drove taxis after I lived there.

    Jayne, I bow to you greater knowledge. So the two kids would be better off without her?

  10. Better off without her yes.

    She's totally stupid.

  11. Our deaest friends are a couple who live in Moe. Civilised people whose family has lived and farmed there for decades.

    The Moe 'the public' hears of is a Herald Sun construct. Suits, and indicative of, their broad brush generalisation approach to everything.

    As a rural lad you'd know that all country towns (and suburbs for that matter) have a dodgy and depressed underbelly, but the Herald Sun rabid typecasting gives me the irrits.

    (Hops off high horse and pours hiself a soothing jerboam of Sav Blanc.)

  12. Quite so LS. It has gone too far with Moe. I will wear a higher percentage, just because of the sheer numbers of housing commission homes, even though much of it is now privately owned.