Monday, February 08, 2010

Machines Breaking Down

Firstly it was the clothes dryer. The belt at the back had come off once before and after putting it back on, I knew it would come off again. I would continue to just put it back if it didn't mean getting the dryer off the wall brackets, well getting it back on is the hard part. Sure enough, it came off again so we bought a new belt and fitted it. Amazingly, the old one had stretched out to be about 50mm, 2", longer than the new one.

Then it was the dishwasher. The dial had become stiff and gritty. I turned the dial, panel lights flashed and all went dark. What it needed was some good hard rotations which cleaned something up and it is now ok.

Next up is the tv. Switch on, click, click, click and so on for up to five minutes before the screen would light up. Don't worry about the receipt to check when it was bought. Just look back at your blog. I did still have the receipt and the tv is four months out of warranty. Marvellous. Like doctors, companies must hate the internet in some ways. I entered Samsung tv clicking noise and not starting into the googlie and sure enough, many results. It is a common problem. It is a problem with the power supply. I think I have this right. Some of the capacitors are poor quality and they swell and leak and fail. The problem we have will only get worse until the tv will no longer come on. If you are a dab hand with a soldering iron, you can buy new capacitors and just solder them in after removing the old ones with a cost of only a few dollars. I have never soldered and I doubt my hands are steady enough to do so now. I will guess that most tv repairers will just replace the power supply board. I even found on line pictures of how to fix the board and a Youtube video tutorial.

I had a tv repairman recommendation from someone but I have decided to use Samsung themselves to repair it. Call out charge of $88 for a quote and then plus whatever has to be done, normally repaired on the spot. Why I am going to use Samsung is that I am going to follow this up with them. The tv is not long out of warranty and from what I found on the net, that this problem not occurring would be less common that the fault developing. Clearly it is a known fault/problem.

Samsung tv clicking and not starting.


  1. The ex taught me to solder bits in the back of tellys...nfi what I was soldering he'd point and I'd blob the solder on.
    Good idea to use the same company ;)

  2. Every modern appliance comes already programmed to breakdown about four weeks after the warranty has expired. That's a know fact...apparently.

  3. You could me do it Jayne, if I knew what to point at.

    Brian, we did well with four months over then.