Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I Scream

Make that ice cream.

I heard about Maggie Beer's food products produced in her own kitchens, not factory mind you. It was suggested her ice cream was rather good.

It took some finding in the supermarket freezer, but we left clutching our Burnt Fig, Honeycomb and Caramel ice cream.

I am not a great one for ice cream, but it was beyewdiful. Do check the price before you sling it in your trolley though. Maybe I am out of touch with ice cream prices as we don't usually buy it, but it does not seem cheap at nearly $9 for 500 mls. Why a liquid measure and not a weight measure? It is not liquid when you buy it.


  1. Sounds yummy, I will have to get some one day

  2. A bucket of Hagan Daas (or however that's spelled) and some crispy fried chicken for dippers sounds good to me.

  3. oooh sounds lovely, might have to track some of that down for myself.

  4. I wouldn't mind paying that for Maggie's ice-cream but Ben and Jerry's from America is about $13 for the same amount.

    It's 12.23 and the moon's over the yardarm but I think I'll leave the mini-magnums for tomorrow. I think I will, maybe.

  5. Anonymous9:20 am

    Burnt fig icecream sounds yummmy. Better try and seek some out somewhere and hide it from the pooch who is an avid icecream eater too.

    $9 for pure indulgence sounds cheap to me.

  6. Anonymous9:27 am


    Andrew, you might enjoy a bit of Mrs Brown with your icecream:

  7. Don't let the kids get it Cazzie.

    Heard of it Brian, but don't think it is here. We had Norgen Vass or something like that.

    Good for headaches Fen.

    Not tried that Jahteh. Bet you did raid the freezer.

    Anon, indulgence is good. So is beer. Too much though... That vid was very funny, thanks. Someone suggested it should be a tv show. Agree.

  8. $9 isn't bad, really, when you know it's not mass produced with an alphabet of chemicals grown in the wilds of a Chinese paddock with questionable crap.

    Danska Creme!

  9. Jayne, while it costs more, I am making an extra effort to buy Australian by checking what R buys. I convinced him that our canola oil for twenty cents more with a no GM guarantee was better than Coles brand Malaysian canola oil

  10. The Weekly Times did a quality check middle of last year on the olive and canola oils; many so-called extra virgin or top quality are blended mix of imported inferior oils but there are a few worthy brands.
    Perhaps check Choice website?

  11. ooh both IGA and Woolworths stock it in Brunswick according to Maggies site. I'm rather chuffed with that, I'll have to drop by and pick up a tub or two!

  12. Jayne, I am well versed in olive oils and know the dirt, but not so knowledgeable about canola.

    Mid afternoon snack Fen, or your equivalent of mid afternoon.