Thursday, February 11, 2010

Glam Pollies

While both countries speak English, sometimes the differences are remarkable. Take your female popular/populist (ex) politicians from both sides of the Atlantic. Which of them would you trust? Could anyone woman in the US get elected if they presented like UK female politicians? Could anyone in the UK get elected if they looked like US politicians (possibly). Are there any who look like they could be trusted? Do I have an agenda here? Of course, I always do. All are supposedly from the left, but some are more left than others. Clare Short dissing ex Tory Labour PM Tony Blair scores well with me. You take a look at the photos of the similar aged female politicians from across the dividing sea. What do you think?

Not just women, but men too, I like them to look their age. I want to see in their faces, the hurt, the grim climb, the survival, the laughs, the good times, the time they fell over drunk/drug f***ed. I want to see their life written on their faces. Googlie was not helpful so maybe one of my US readers can point me to a US female politician who has life's experiences written on her face. A glam UK female pollie would interesting too. You know, unless they have had even more work, their bodies will be sagged regardless. When blokes are horny, they care nowt about a sagging pudenda, a fat gut or nipples sitting on stomachs.


  1. Nope. Nothing.
    Except the old gal at the bottom (Ann Widdecomb) looks like a savage old duck I once nursed...she used to try to bite everyone when we tried to clean her dentures.
    Or when we stopped her eating the poinsettias.

  2. What about Julia Gillard - she looks like the school prefect who would dob on her mother if it suited her purposes - or our Bronny - Hmmm

    I am rather fond of our shadow health Minister Jullian Skinner...Skinner by name and Skinner by nature - and she scares the pants of most blokes...

  3. Ann Widdicombe, I believe, has a portrait locked in her attic that's young and beautiful and never ages or displays the decades of tory evil and parliamentary bonuses.

    Another interesting point about American politicians, I reckon, is the fact that you'll never find one (to the best of my knowledge) who isn't a multi-millionaire. Not exactly representative of the full social compliment of the country. Obama might be black, but he's also loaded...not so Gordon who came from a working class scottish background where he was thrashed to sleep at night with his father's belt.

  4. Jayne, wonder if eating poinsettias and her teeth needing cleaning are related.

    MC, she looks sensible.

    Brian, politics is increasingly becoming a rich person's game here too. It is not essential, but it helps.