Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Frog on a Goat

The goat is cute as is the frog on its head and so it should be for an advertisement. But what is being advertised? I have since seen the same ad elsewhere and it advertises the Trading Post, but is this a freak poster or was something to be added later?


  1. Anonymous6:52 pm

    LOL too funny, they have since added the above two words, the ads are clever.
    Reminds me of The Castle a bit, probably cause of the whole trading post skit, tell him he's dreamin!



  2. No doubt they'll add the product at some point, now that they've got your attention to such an extent that you're even willing to blog about it. Cynicism, you see -- the art of manipulating people so that they don't know they're being manipulated.

  3. Anonymous8:55 pm

    Take a free ride. Haha Cazzie!!!

  4. Yep, what Michelle said, words were added later, but the pictures were still eye-catching and made people smile :)

  5. designed to pique your interest and get you wondering, i like it.

  6. More than I knew about the ad Michelle, thanks.

    You think I don't know such things Brian? I still like the picture.

    Lucky frog Cazzie.

    Made me smile Jayne. Don't care what the ad is.

    And it worked Fen.

  7. Two words have been added? What are they? Spoiler please... ^_^

  8. Ah, thanks immigayrant and Ben. Got it now.

  9. Better still, when you visit the trading post website you can make the goat say a variety of hilarious (not really) user customisable statements, then send them to your mobile.

    My personal favorite is: "you sister was almost always better after lunch" make of it what you will.

    It is a clever way of making mainstream marketing somewhat viral

  10. Mutant, it seems maybe I was sucked into something bigger by taking a simple photo. Ta for the dirt.