Wednesday, February 10, 2010


It was a peaceful start to Australia Day. I was up about 7 and R slumbered on. I was sitting right here at the computer and there was a massive explosion. Oh no, not the muslim terrorists bombing the synagogue! Really, it was more like a gun shot, but by golly it was loud.

I shot to the balcony and I could not see any evidence of le bomb. As I was looking down, there was another loud explosion and lack of movement by cars when the traffic lights changed. I then noticed that there was a queue of old cars waiting at the traffic lights. The driver of the front car alighted from his conveyance and lifted the side flap bonnet.

He eventually got his motor going and managed to get around the corner, but not without another explosion.

On Australia Day there is always a large exhibition of old cars in the Kings Domain. We went one year and I loved looking at all the old cars. It was fun enough just watching them coming along St Kilda Road.

As per the photo, the next group were Yank Tanks, so beautifully and stylishly slick.

This was the morning that R had been up at 4am to take Teen Niece to Big Day Out. Sis in Law was coming but I let him sleep for as long as possible. When I woke him from a sound sleep, five minutes after the last explosion, I asked had he not heard the backfire of the old cars. Kind of, he replied. Oh that I could sleep the sleep of the innocent.


  1. Anonymous7:46 am

    I'm a lucky sleeper - soon as my head hits the pillow straight of to sleep and can sleep through anything. Always getting asked didn't you hear that thunderstorm that shook the whole house? Nope not me.

    Love the vintage cars - they do the same up here in Sydney on Australia day.

  2. Great photos, love the cars :)

  3. so jealous of R's sleeping abilities! I'd have been hanging off the roof by my nails, wide eyed and freaky!!!

  4. Were those photographs taken after you'd fallen off the balcony but before you'd hit the ground?

  5. Fleetwood got in before me but I was thinking more along the lines of you hanging off the balcony by your toes.

  6. Indeed you are lucky Anon.I don't. Where do they display the cars in Sydney?

    Jayne, I will try to make a point of being there next year.

    Brian, after eight years here, I still get vertigo when I look down. Not a problem if I have the camera in my hand.

    Jahteh, I just rest the camera on the balcony rail. Like I would endanger myself just for blog readers.

  7. Anonymous7:38 am

    Where do they display the cars in Sydney?

    Along Macquarie Street in the city.

  8. You would recognise a Melbourne intersection anywhere - but I only know South Melbourne and thereabouts so not a local expert...